where Parents and Occupational Therapists get the support they need so kids can gain a smile and the skills they need!

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It’s great to have you here!

If you are a parent and you are looking for ways that technology can support your child when it comes to their skills or way of learning. I get that… and that’s why I created Technology & Tools for kids. I have three Strategy Sessions that you can select from.

If you’re an Occupational Therapist looking for a course to review how to use technology to assess and develop skills — look at my iPads at School Course along with my other two online courses — you can take at any time!  


As an Occupational Therapist with an learning difference, I have a deep love for technology and any tools that can help kids gain the skills they need to put a smile on their face.   I approach both life and work with honesty and compassion. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a child tap into their abilities! So to do this, I support parents and Occupational Therapists so we can all help kids make progress in a powerful way.



For the past ten years, I have been helping parents through my strategy sessions and Occupational Therapists through my online courses, so they can have a clear plan and strategies to tap into a child's learning ability. With over 20 years as a  school based Occupational Therapist, a speaker at our provincial OT conference, and my own learning difference, I have a thorough understanding of skill development and what areas to focus on to ensure children makes progress and feel good about who they are and how they learn. 


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Client Reviews

Susan’s Strategy Sessions are beyond words! We have been seeing Susan for our daughter and she has helped more than words can say. It makes my heart burst when my daughter wants to grab her iPad and read to me. She is gaining confidence and knows it’s okay to learn differently and to use her voice and let others know she is smart, she just learns differently.
— Kris Pegalo Dawson
Though I always felt that that the iPad could be used as an OT tool, I now feel I see it as one. I feel I have the “theory’ and the OT thought process when using the tool now which I did not feel I had before hand. I am also attaching the use of the iPad to OT goals and not just as a recommendation
— iPads at School Program -- VS QUEBEC, CANADA.
My son was having difficulties getting thoughts from his head to paper. He was feeling discouraged when he was unable to work as quickly as classmates.
We were stressed over simple homework assignments. They were taking a long time and my son was frustrated.
The biggest takeaways from the Strategy Sessions was having the technology to make things easier for my son so he could write and edit his work. My son feels more confident and doesn’t feel bogged down by homework anymore.
My son knows now that everyone learns differently and that’s okay. He knows now how to express himself better in what helps him make sense of things.
— Strategy Session Parent
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