A passion for technology 


If you are like me, you are interested in the person behind the business.  What is their story?  What made them step out and create what they did?  So...what's the story behind Technology & Tools for kids?  

Usually there is some history behind the passion for what you are doing--the desire to make a difference in people's lives. The history behind my passion comes from my school experiences, as a child and as an adult.  

As a child, school was a blur, a place you had to go to but I dreaded being there. It wasn't that I couldn't do what others were doing, I just couldn't always do things the same way.  Of course, at the time I didn't realize this.  I coped and found ways to learn or "get by"...but my experiences did not lead me to believe that I couldn't really "go anywhere" with my education. Surprisingly enough, my grades were never low but my frustration led me to believe my grades really didn't matter.


Fortunately, I moved on to College,  focusing on what I thought was the only thing I was good at--running.  I soon discovered that I was capable of learning and achieving higher grades through various studying methods.  I decided to move on to University and I completed my Occupational Therapy degree with a high grade average. However, learning was still very time-consuming and I knew there had to be a better way to learn, to eliminate the frustration and shame that comes from learning difficulties.  I found a better way after my school days were over:  technology. 


Technology offers something that people cannot offer:  the ability to gather and review information, as many times as needed, without the frustration of having to fully rely on others to help you do this. 


Technology allows you to use various methods of learning - visual, auditory and kinesthetic.  It also allows you to continue to develop higher-level skills efficiently.  This does not mean that technology is the only method that can be used to help you learn or that technology allows you to be passive in your learning.  It means that technology helps you gain skills that otherwise would have taken a lot longer for you to achieve or even fully understand. The skills you learn using technology will transfer beyond the devices.     

Knowing this personally, I can't help but advocate for the need to set up technology early for students, to assist them with their learning experiences.  

"Technology & Tools for kids" offers support, hope and methods for students to move forward in their learning experiences through the independent use of technology and other devices. 

To read more about my story read my book Beyond Ok from Invisible to Invincible. 

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Technology doesn’t solve all problems. But it does offer something powerful that can’t be overlooked.
— Susan Schenk