In Click to School Success, I guide you step-by-step as you learn how to use an App (Clicker Docs) and a software program (Clicker 5) to help kids develop basic skills such as visual attention while working on higher level skills such as letters.  The focus is on developing skills and independence -- so children can "show what they know" while offering YOU the 'tools' to observe and set specific goals to ensure a child can make successful progress at school. 

This course is for you if you want to: 

  • Help a child "show what they know" and learn through technology, even in the earliest grade levels (kindergarten). 
  • Learn how a program can be set up to work on different skill levels while increasing a child's independence from one grade to the next. 
  • Learn how to observe, set up strategies and specific goals for the level the child is working at right now.  
  • Learn how you can use one software and/or app program to help kids learn letters, sight words and develop writing skills -- without having to learn a new program
  • Learn how technology can support kids that are struggling with the physical part of letter formation or writing, and how they can still make progress in reading and writing skills as they continue to develop their printing skills.
  • Save time searching for information about how to set up and use programs in a way that is multisensory and meaningful for your child.  Customize the program to fit the child's needs.
  • Be able to set up and customize various grids that are appropriate for each child and at their level--so that they can experience success and independence with writing.


Come and join me so I can show you how small goals can make a big difference at each skill level -- using one software program and one app! 

Click to School Success Course Outline

Click to School Success offers four levels of instruction covering a variety of learning needs. 

Each Level consists of instructional videos, handouts, and reflective questions to help you apply what you learn -- and I will be there to provide feedback as you work through your reflective questions online!

You will receive over 19 pages of observations, strategies and specific goals for each skill level! It's all done for you!

You will be offered 'sample paper tools' that you can use to support technology use and eventually offer these paper strategies for follow-up at home.


  • In this first Level, you will learn how to work on basic skills such as visual scanning and physical access while using the Clicker Docs and Clicker 5 program for learning uppercase letters.  You will address the basic skills while working on academic/life skills at the same time. 
  • Learn how to start using word banks to find high frequency/ high interest words. 
  • Learn how to set up the app and software to allow children to learn using a multisensory approach.
  • Learn how to save your custom work to use with many different students so you can save time while still customizing for each child.
  • Learn how to add images and colour to increase visual attention, visual scanning, and connections to sight words. 
  • Learn a few strategies to help children who have difficulty physically accessing Clicker Docs and Clicker software.       
  • And so much more!


  • In this second Level, you will learn how to use the programs to work on building word banks with more sight words.
  • Learn how to use visual tools to allow children to work on their new sight words. 
  • Learn how to create "forced" sentences that allow children to complete simple sentences successfully and independently, and that are meaningful to the child and relate to classroom work.
  • Learn how to use "paper tools" to review words from the word banks at school and home. 


  • In this third Level, you will learn how to create lowercase word banks and add theme pages in Clicker Docs and Clicker 5 to help find words used at certain times of the year or for specific subjects (such as Christmas or pioneer theme pages) so the child can work on class-related material. 
  • Learn how to increase independence with writing ideas in simple sentences to allow the child to express their own thoughts and ideas. 
  • Learn how to teach children how to successfully add new words into their word banks.    
  • Learn how to add in keyboarding skills so the child can successful use the keyboard without frustration. 


  • In this final Level, you will learn how to use Clicker Docs to move from using word banks to using word prediction and successful keyboarding skills.


The course is closed, but you can join the VIP email list to find out more about this course and others.  


After you complete the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, stating you completed 10 hours of educational time. Along with this, you will receive a receipt for the cost of the course.


If you are not completely satisfied, I will refund your money. 

Your course payment is completed through PayPal -- after you set up your user name and password for the course. 

Don't worry.  

I'm there to support YOU as you work through the course material! 

Here's some comments about the set-up and quality of my online courses: 

When it is an online course, you never know how the quality of the videos and sound will be. Also, you never know how (much) feedback you will be able to receive/give. But everything turned out great!
— ML Ontario, Canada
Thank you very much for all your help and support throughout the course.
— MP Saskatchewan, Canada
I liked being able to complete short modules when the time allowed me to. I liked being able to pause the video and try things out.
— SL Ontario, Canada
Other positive aspects of the course include the fact that it’s ‘at your own speed’ and can be accessed online. I like that you aren’t held to ‘attending a two-day workshop”. The flexibility is really appreciated!
— JR Saskatchewan, Canada

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Online course versus my 1:1 time 

  • Creating my online course allows me to provide you with years of my knowledge without my one-on-one cost. You are receiving weeks of materials and strategies to help you assess what skills the kids have, determine what goals to focus on and help you figure out where to start working with kids--to ensure that you are helping kids develop skills successfully!  
  • And as an added bonus, you also receive my direct input throughout the course! 

Join me -- as we will walk through the course together!