You are ready to learn more...

after receiving your incredible BONUS in the iPads at School course!!

Level One is just the start of the Click to School Success Program!  

There are more Levels ....more Videos...more Observation and Goal Sheets waiting for you! 

You've already dived into Level One and you can picture how these strategies can help a number of your clients develop the skills they need -- which is SO awesome! So it's time to learn you ensure that your clients continue to progress and so you can support more students with different skill levels. You KNOW what your clients are capable and now you will have the approach to help them get there -- whether it's through your direct support or by offering your recommendations through your consultations.

Click to School Success will not be offered again this year but YOU have access to the rest of this program -- you can enroll and start right away!  

You will only pay $225.00 US (savings too!)