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I can't wait to review the iPads at School Levelled Program with you!  It's time for solutions and gaining the confidence you need.  

Each level offers you more skills

Though I always felt that that the iPad could be used as an OT tool, I now feel I see it as one. I feel I have the “theory’ and the OT thought process when using the tool now which I did not feel I had before hand. I am also attaching the use of the iPad to OT goals and not just as a recommendation
— VS Quebec, Canada

The iPads at school Levelled program starts with Level 1! 

What will you gain with Level 1 training?

You will know WHY Occupational Therapists need to use the iPad, Apps and technology to support skill development so that you can approach using technology in a more confident way.

You will start to INTEGRATE the iPad and Apps into your assessment process so that you know how the client interacts with the device and what skills can be developed with the selected apps. 

You will create your OWN app list based on YOUR caseload needs so that you are ready to recommend as app or program based on the skills your client needs to develop

You will be able to FIND and IDENTIFY the BEST apps for your client's needs so that your client is focusing on develop the right skills in order to make the progress they need in school. 

You will know who to CUSTOMIZE apps to ensure they are supporting your client's needs so that they are receiving the support they need to develop skills and independence at home and school.

You will KNOW how technology and apps can support various skills so that you can apply technology to every area of a client's life -- when you see a need. 

You will OFFER parents and school staff the SELECT & SET UP AN IPAD WORKSHOP (provided in this Level 1 Certification) so that they are knowledgeable about the iPad and ready to use it in a powerful way (and to support your recommendations as well!) 

You will HAVE your name listed on the Technology & Tools for kids Certified OT page so that others can find you to assess and support their child! You will also have the TT4K iPads at School Level 1 Certification to show others. 

What else is in Level One?  

You will receive my app list with over 75 apps listed in various categories.  Each will have their own links to the iTunes store to help you get started.  Yup! It's that easy to get started with your own list!

You will explore the reasons why technology may not be successful after you make your recommendations.  I will give you the tools to troubleshoot obstacles so your client can experience success with technology.

I feel more confident in making more targeted suggestions for using the iPad and different apps that can help develop specific skills. OT can play a valuable role in technology to support our students - I like the organized process for assessment presented in this course.
I would recommend this online course to a school-based Occupational Therapist because it provides excellent information on using iPads in the schools, specifically how OTs can use our skills to help our students better access technology!
— JH, South Dakota, US

Who created IPads at school'?

I did!  And I am just like YOU! 

I am Susan Schenk.  The creator of the iPads at School Levelled Program. 

I am an Occupational Therapist that worked in the school, home and community setting for 20 years in Ontario, Canada.  And I've worked in all areas!!  Fine motor skills. Visual perceptual skills.  Communication access. Writing & Printing skills. Sensory skills. Life skills. etc. etc.

I know what OTs can provide clients -- we are awesome!  Just saying!

I also know, as OTs we can come up against some barriers which stop us from moving forward (but I have a few solutions for that as well!) 

Technology and smart strategies to skill development is my thing.  So let's work together and show others what OTs can do! 

What else? 

I have my Bachelor of Science, Occupational Therapy Degree from The University of Western Ontario. (before that I received my Fitness Diploma from Fanshawe College) 

I am in good standing with my Canadian Occupational Therapy College. 

I am a member of the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists.  

I am an Author.  My book is on Amazon and it's called "Beyond Ok: From Invisible to Invincible" ( and yes, I talk about being an OT in this book.  You've got to read it!) 

I am a Speaker and have presented at a number of conferences (OSOT Breaking Barriers Conference in Mississauga, Ontario, For Social Good Conference, Toronto, Ontario.  Shine Live, Kelowna B.C.  NF Symposium, Vancouver, British Columbia)

What I liked best about the program: Besides the exposure to the content and apps, I liked the ease of doing the course from here when I have time. It was well put together — with handouts that were helpful! I like the ease of interacting with you!
— RJ, Washington, US

How does the Levelled program work? 

Ah, it's so easy to invest in your OT future! 

You will enroll in the iPads at School Level 1 Program by clicking on the ENROLL button found on this page below.  

From there you will create your username (just type in your name, nothing fancy) and your password (something you will remember) for the iPads at School Level 1 Program.  You will then pay for the Level One Program through Paypal.  (Please use the email that will allow me to communicate directly with you -- as you will receive updates from me to let you know that I was in to chat with you online!!) 

You will receive an email from me with your username and password on it and the next steps to take! 

You will log into the iPads at School Level One Program and when the training begins you will see the videos, the Q & A area, and the Action Sheets that you can download and print off to take with you! (this is just a snapshot of one part of the Level One Program) 

You will have Modules available to you each week to allow you to learn and work through the action sheets.  You will receive support and feedback in the Q & A area.  You will also have an area to work on your case study as you complete each module to ensure you are ready to apply these new skills with your clients. (this means no formal test at the end of the's all about doing and applying!!!) 

I will be there to answer questions and work through the material with you!! 

You will also have an area to chat with other OTs in the course in the Levelled Program Forum which is private and available for OTs to support each other! 

Not only that but you will have access to all the training materials you will need for your educational OT requirements for ONE YEAR!! 

When you complete the iPads at School Level One Program you are ready to move onto the next Level -- as each Level of training builds on the next.  Once you complete the iPads at School Level One Program you will be able to access and purchase the Level Two Program.  And the same with approach applies for Level Three -- once you complete Level Two you are able to access and purchase the final level of training!

This is why only the iPads at School Level One Program is offered on this page to ensure that the Levels of the Program are completed in the correct order but you still get a 'peek' at what each level is about!!! 

Biggest Takeaway: How every step (from assessment to mastery and independence) connects to the others and how important it is to carefully go through each step in order to optimize the learning of a specific skill
— MM, Ontario, Canada

The results of the iPads at school Level one program:

what will you take-away?

You will be confident in using the iPad, Apps and technology overall as an Occupational Therapist. 

You will have your own app list created for YOUR caseload needs.  

You will have new strategies and resources to support your client's needs such as knowing how to set up the interior of the iPad and customize apps. 

You will know what to do when there is limited success with technology and eliminate these barriers. 

You will know how to start assessing using the iPad and specific apps.

You will have YOUR NAME listed on the Technology & Tools for kids website (with a link to your site) so parents and other support services can find you when they are looking for additional support when it comes to smart technology strategies and skill development! (to increase your OT business!)

And you will receive an iPads at School Level One Program Certificate for your own records! (or post on your wall!)

Finally! You will have a PRE-MADE workshop you can use to support the parents and the school staff in your area. (free or for profit workshops -- it's your choice

As mentioned in the (iPads at School) video, I think OTs naturally have a tendency to take note of the client’s strengths, but we may not always focus our intervention to enable the strengths while working on other areas. It was an “AHA! moment” for me as a reminder that every client has their personal strengths which should be taken into consideration into a treatment plan.
— SR Ontario, Canada


The doors are closed

But don't can still jump on my iPads and OTs course

Regular price $497.00

If you are not satisfied with the iPads at School Levelled Program training after you work through the modules, you will receive a refund.

Would you recommend the program? Yes, I already have twice! I think iPads are becoming a big part of education and therefore, it is best for the profession of OT to be able to understand how to use IPads with our clients.
— MP, Saskatchewan, Canada

What will you receive inside the iPads at School Levelled Programs?

Let's take a look! 


Level One Program moves through the theory for using technology for skills development all the way to creating your own custom app list based on your caseload needs.  Each level has a workshop completed with videos and worksheets for you to use with your clients (parents & school staff) in a 1:1 situation or in a group setting. 

Level Two Program steps into more details when it comes to skill development such as visual perceptual skills and other basic skills (visual scanning, physical access, attention) and work through observations, strategies and goals to achieve the progress and goals you are needing to support your clients in the school setting.  You will review keyboarding skills, how to overcome barriers and moving skills from technology to paper. 

Level Three Program moves into more advance training with switch access and independence with communication, higher functioning skills such as organization, note-taking, reading, etc. And even a peek into the business world with the OT biz girl training!

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