Q: If I'm interested in the iPads at School Program and I'm a Parent, can I still sign up?

A: YES!  Parents can take the iPads at School Program -- because you are a professional parent! And I believe the more parents know about skill development, the better they are able to support their child or direct the supports and services that are there to help their child. 

Q: I would love to take your iPads at School Program but I need something to submit for my Continuing Education (or funding). What do I receive after the course to help me get credit for this course or to submit for funding?

A: After you have completed the course, a date is added to your certificate with the amount of hours required to complete the course (as it was designed).  The certificate and a receipt is emailed out to you to print off and use for Continuing Education Credits or to submit to reimburse you for the course cost. U.S. therapists have submitted the information to their State to get credit for the course (to my knowledge) 

Q: I'm not sure, what support you can offer me with your parent strategy sessions?

A: After you contact me, we will set up a time to review the concerns you have after that I will let you know how I can support you and offer you various ways we can work together.  


Q: I already use the iPad in the schools, so how are your levelled program different? 

A: Honestly, being able to use the iPad is important but what's MORE important is:

  • why OTs need to be using this tool
  • what technology offers skill development --that no other tool can offer
  • how to look for apps based on your client's needs and not an app list 
  • how to customize the settings of an app to help it support your client 
  • and so much more....does that answer your question? :)