You know you will need some support in the future when it comes to your child's learning...but you're not sure when. 

I get that. 

So I want to offer you these follow-up strategy sessions which will allow you to log in and select a time you want to chat with me.

You can call me on the phone or we can set up a time to visit on video conference (Zoom) or you can even email me and I will get back to you asap. 

These follow-up sessions are only available to those who have already worked with me and I want to continue to support you and your child -- when you need it! 

If you find you need documents reviewed, reports written or direct training on apps or programs we will need more time for these types of sessions and we can set this up - just let me know -- during a follow up strategy session with me.

I love supporting you and your child!


You're investment is $340.00.  You can select 4 - 30 minute sessions or 2 - 60 minute sessions - select what fits you best!

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4 - 30 minute sessions

2 - 60 minute sessions