Get Ready for an iPad 



Online Course for Parents (along with one parent session with me) 


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In Get Ready for an iPad, I guide you step-by-step as you learn how to set up and get ready to use an iPad for your child at home.

You are ready to use this tool in a new and powerful way! 

As a parent, you know that an iPad is the tool that can support your child in a way that other tools can't --but you are not sure what to purchase and how to get started so this device can be used in a powerful way. 


You are not sure if the iPad is what you need but you are willing to try it if you have the support to talk about why and how to set it up to best meet your child's needs at home. 


This course is for you if you want to: 

  • Review what your child's needs are and which iPad may be the best option for them now (and in the future).  
  • Learn how to set up the iPad by watching videos that you can review a number of times in the privacy of your own home. (when it's a good time for you!) 
  • Be focused when purchasing and setting up the device for your child to use. As you know the iPad has the potential to support your child but you're not sure where to start -- the thought of reviewing all the facts with other people is overwhelming (and you haven't even started shopping yet!) 
  • Understand how to approach using the iPad at home to help your child use it in a powerful way (and avoid the device ending up as a 'play toy instead)
  • Review iPad cases and what to consider when looking at 'how' your child will be using the device at home (and possibly school) 
  • Save time searching for information about how to set up the iPad and what to focus on first when starting to use it, from an OT perspective, in a way that is multisensory and meaningful for your child.
  • Have a little more support than a course.  You want some 1:1 time with me to ensure you are heading in the right direction! (good thinking!) 
  • Be able to work on setting up the iPad when it fits your schedule (so you can relax as you walk through this process)
If this course and one time session with me is for you,  enroll today,  so I can help you get ready for an iPad! 

Get Ready for an iPad Course Outline

The course consists of instructional videos, handouts, and reflective questions to help you work through the set up of the device at home.

Here's how you will work with me: 


  • Sign in to your online platform and complete the questions and the iPad Selction Guide (if you haven't already).
  • I will review your information prior to our phone or Skype session. ($65.00 value)


  • You'll receive an email to set up our 30 minute 1:1 session together (by phone or Skype).
  • We'll discuss your child's needs and how the iPad might meet those needs now and in the future.  We'll also talk about protecting and positiong your iPad using various iPad cases.  And we'll discuss strategies to make sure your iPad remains a powerful device in your home. ($125.00 value)


  • You'll have access to online videos that walk you through information on how to set up your iPad, and handouts that review the videos, step-by-step. 
  • You can complete these steps before or after our 1:1 session. ($40.00 value) 

All of this for $230.00? 


Enroll Today



After you enroll and complete the first step.  The timeline for our 1:1 session will depend on your avialability and mine. You will be given a number of dates and times to select from on the timetrade email. 


If you are not completely satisfied, I will refund your money. 

Your course payment is completed through PayPal -- after you set up your user name and password for the course. 

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Still thinking about it? 

Here's a comment about the set-up and quality of my online courses: 

When it is an online course, you never know how the quality of the videos and sound will be. Also, you never know how (much) feedback you will be able to receive/give. But everything turned out great!
— ML Ontario, Canada

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Online course versus my ongoing 1:1 time 

  • Creating my online course, along with a strategy session, allows me to provide you with years of my knowledge without my one-on-one cost. You are receiving materials and strategies to help you support your child at home and in their community. 

Join me -- as we work together to help support your child!