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A Great Start - Strategy Session

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One session to get you started in the right direction

With this one strategy session you will have the opportunity to review your concerns and the documents or assessments that seem to be adding up but you still have little direction or progress being made. 

You are ready to get the support you need so you can start directing the next steps to help your child. 

This strategy session will allow you to share such documents as your child's assessments. samples of their work, report cards and even school documents such as their IEP (Individualized Education Plan)

Susan will review the documents prior to your session in order to get clear on the areas of concern but also the areas where your child seems to be successful or their strengths come through. 

With this focus, you will discuss what are the biggest priorities based on the information given and next steps to be considered to move forward. 

This session can support you whether your child just starting school  --- all the way to having a high school student and even post secondary student! 

This Great Start Strategy Session is a place to gather all your information and express your concerns while getting feedback and recommendations based on 20+ years of experience in the school setting and with various learning differences. 

Your investment is $275.00 which covers prep time, our strategy session and follow up email. 


Covering such issues as: