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Fall 2015







After you complete the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, stating you completed 10 hours of educational time. Along with this, you will receive a receipt for the cost of the course.

If you are not completely satisfied, I will refund your money. 

Your course payment is completed through PayPal -- after you set up your user name and password for the course-- then you can start the early bird bonus NOW. 



Keyboarding skills made easy {Early bird bonus}

You will learn HOW and WHEN to work on keyboarding skills with this mini course.

  • You will receive a workbook to help you identify the skills for each keyboarding level and what to work on at each level. 
  • You will receive videos to review apps that will support different keyboarding skill levels. 


iPads at School Course  {2015 Outline}

Your approach to technology will change with the various action sheets as well as the framework in the iPads at School Course.  With the knowledge you gain in this course you will be able to consider every aspect of technology when recommending or introducing devices to your clients and when integrating it into your therapy approach.  

You will learn how to use the iPad as an OT therapy device to support skill development.  You will also learn how to set up the iPad and search for apps to support the needs of your clients.  Over 25 apps will be reviewed in 6 different categories. 

Each Level consists of instructional videos, handouts, and reflective questions to help you apply what you learn.


  • You will have some activities to complete before we even get started with the course. 

  • Next, is the fun part, I get to know more about YOU! And hopefully, we will have time to chat during this section :) 


  • What Technology Has to Offer OT: I introduce you to my Framework for using technology as an OT.  Be prepared to gain a new understanding of the power of technology in your daily practice.  
  • OT Assessment: Expand how you assess.  Explore how technology fits into your OT assessment and treatment approach. 
  • Troubleshooting Obstacles for Technology Success: Explore the reasons why technology may not be successful after you make your recommendations.  I will give you the tools to troubleshoot obstacles so your clients can experience success with technology.


  • iPad Basics: I review iPad features as well as setting up the iPad for client use (settings, keyboard options, folders, moving apps, finding apps, selecting iPad cases for positioning and protection, etc).
  • Setting Up the iPad: You'll learn about organizing folders, using accessibility and restrictions features to support your clients needs. 


  • What the iPad offers OT: We explore what is unique about the iPad and what it offers OTs. 
  • App Review:  Learn how to review apps and what makes an app good or GREAT.  You will start to form your own app list and app categories. You will also receive a list of 87 apps and direct links to iTunes so you don't have to look for them.  Yup, it's that easy to start your search.


  • Apps for OTs: You will review over 25 different apps on video to learn how to customize and use the app to support skill development.  Six different categories will be reviewed to ensure different skills are covered in the course to support OTs in different school roles. 
  • Several apps are reviewed and demonstrated -- learn how to customize apps for your clients and the use of non-therapy related apps for skill development.
  • Additional software bonus video!!


  • iPads at School Manual to TAKE WITH YOU as you work -- to review highlights from the course.   
  • Review of your "Technology Colour" and the process you've made in the Course!


  • Yay!! I LOVE BONUSES!!  YOU will receive TWO BONUSES -- if you register before March 11, 2105. {as listed here: Keyboarding Skills Made Easy and Click to School Success: Level One}


Click to School Success {another bonus!}

You will receive Level One of the Click to School Success course which will review the basic skills such as visual attention, visual scanning, physical access, etc ...and how these skills can be assessed and developed using technology. You will also learn how to look at the 'settings' of one app and software program to ensure that it is set up to meet the needs of your clients.  

You will receive a number of videos to watch and a 10 page PDF workbook with "observations, strategies and goals" to help you identify what skills a child can work on at this level.  

You will receive all these bonuses AND the iPads at School course! 

Here's some comments about the set-up and quality of my online courses: 

When it is an online course, you never know how the quality of the videos and sound will be. Also, you never know how (much) feedback you will be able to receive/give. But everything turned out great!
— ML Ontario, Canada
I liked being able to complete short modules when the time allowed me to. I liked being able to pause the video and try things out.
— SL Ontario, Canada

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Online course versus my 1:1 time 

  • Creating my online course allows me to provide you with years of my knowledge without my one-on-one cost. You are receiving weeks of materials and strategies to help you set up and use the iPad to support your OT goals, determine what apps to focus on, and help you figure out where to find the best apps to work with your client's needs--to ensure that you are helping kids develop skills successfully!  
  • And as an added bonus, you also receive my direct input throughout the course! 


Join me -- as we will walk through the course together!


"I definitely feel more technological savvy and recognize this is the way the world is moving so it feels good to have a handle on how as an occupational therapist to utilize an iPad to assist in assessing and strengthening occupational performance areas for the students I work with." V - Ontario, Canada

"Thank you very much for your course. It was definitely very helpful and I am glad I decided to take it. I appreciate you giving us so many chances to provide and receive feedback as well as ask questions. I can't wait to work with pre-school and school-aged children and use these apps." M - Ontario, Canada

"The course provided me with valuable information and justification for why the iPad is a great tool for OT assessments and how the apps and programs can be used by clients in their treatment." R - South Australia, Australia

"My approach to technology has changed with the various action sheets as well as the framework from this course. As such, I am able to take additional aspects into consideration every step of the way as I am prescribing technology, introducing the device and integrating it into therapy to benefit my clients. When I feel that something just isn't quite right, I can now refer to these sheets, take a step back, and reflect on which piece is missing or was not taken into consideration." S - Ontario, Canada

"I loved that I could go at my own pace, and I could stop, rewind, and review sections if I needed to...The biggest change (for me was) expanding the use for the iPad...(from) view(ing) the iPad as a tool for leisure/reward...(to) a tool to develop specific skills."  P - Nova Scotia, Canada 

"Though I always felt that that the iPad could be used as an OT tool, I now feel I see it as one. I feel I have the 'theory' and the OT thought process when using the tool now which I did not feel I had before hand.  I am also attaching the use of the iPad to OT goals and not just as a recommendation." V - Quebec, Canada

"I liked the app review you provided. I found it to be very comprehensive, touching on a number of different skill areas. It provided a very good start for someone who is just starting to search the App Store for ideas. I feel that I can jump in and have a good source of apps that I could consider." C - Ontario, Canada

"I have never had any problems with technology and I am comfortable with iPads, but now I feel more confident on how to use it as an OT and how to apply this to the kids that I will be working with in the future." M - Ontario, Canada  

"(The greatest take away from the course)...was to experiment more with apps.” M - Colorado, United States

"Before, I did not use the iPad at school unless someone specifically asked a question about it but now I try to think of apps that can help each student I work with." R - British Columbia, Canada