Are you Looking for Support to help your child learn in a way that fits them?


It's a new program coming this year... 

Learn their way -- click here to learn more (1).jpg

Learn Their Way offers you the support you are looking for without the 1:1 Professional cost. You will find ways to support your child's learning and other related skills by selecting videos that you need.  You can jump in the Facebook group for added support and watch a live FB video of content I will be sharing with the group.   

So in the LTW program you will receive worksheets to help you plan, videos to show you how to set up apps and technology to help your child, and  a private group to get tips on how you can help your child in various areas of their lives with a focus on school and learning success.  

The doors will be opening!!!  However, there were delays but it is coming.

If you want to know more, jump on my email list -- by going to the free resource button above -- you'll get the updates first AND you will get some free worksheets and a sample video to review.  

I can't wait to work with you inside the program.