Are you Looking for Support to help your child learn in a way that fits them?


Then you need to join this monthly program.

It's coming this October...

With the Learn Their Way Program, you paid for each month you use.  You get new packages each month and time for support through the Facebook group and our monthly calls.  

You get:


Content you can review when it fits your schedule.  

Clarity and direction. 

Reassurance that you are on the right path or options to consider. 

Strategies for home and school. 

Action steps -- with a focus on empowerment not blaming or fighting. 


It's all gonna start this October and it includes this...


What are some packages that will be available with the upcoming LTW Program: 


Learn Their Way offers you the support you are looking for without the 1:1 Professional cost. You will find ways to support your child's learning and other related skills by selecting videos that you need.  You can jump in the Facebook group or LIve Q & A for added support.

This program will start at $15.00.   If you sign up at this rate, you will always pay this rate.  

It's a small investment for content you need to support your child's learning (and other skills). 

You will be helping to create the content in the program.  It will pay to be in the first group of Learn Their Way Program Moms! (and Dads) If you feel this is for you and your child.

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