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iPads at School Program

ipads at school

online course - presently open

This program is where Occupational Therapists combine their knowledge with the power of technology to provide life changing results.  

The iPads at School Program has been online since 2013, teaching Occupational Therapists from across the globe how to apply smart technology strategies to allow their clients to gain the skills they need. 

So even if....

You are an OT that feels that the iPad is just for academic work.  I will show you how it can develop all skills and what your role is. 

You are an OT that doesn't have an iPad in your hands.  You can still apply the strategies and concept and empower others to develop skills.

You are an OT that has just graduated and you are not working with kids (like you would like to). You will prepare yourself for the position.

You are an OT that has experience in a technology-based clinic.  I have shared new strategies and approaches with OTs in various positions.

You are an OT that works with adults.  The skills taught in the iPads at School Course will develop all skills (adult or child)

But what is really happening? 

Are you using an app list to offer to others without really knowing what skills the apps are working on but you feel that the apps were

Are you overwhelmed when looking for apps for your clients, so you prefer to stay away from technology when possible? 

Are you feeling that others can work with the iPad and apps and that OTs have a limited role?  Or you are secretly hoping teachers and parents won't ask you about the iPad or apps because you just don't have the confidence to give them the answers or make the recommendations for your client? 

But you are HERE now!

And as an Occupational Therapist or school professional, you are ready to embrace the power of technology and use it to promote skill development in a whole new way with the iPads at School Program.  

What will you gain with this training?

You will know WHY Occupational Therapists need to use the iPad, Apps and technology to support skill development so that you can approach using technology in a more confident way.

You will start to INTEGRATE the iPad and Apps into your assessment process so that you know how the client interacts with the device and what skills can be developed with the selected apps. 

You will create your OWN app list based on YOUR caseload needs so that you are ready to recommend as app or program based on the skills your client needs to develop

You will be able to FIND and IDENTIFY the BEST apps for your client's needs so that your client is focusing on develop the right skills in order to make the progress they need in school. 

You will know who to CUSTOMIZE apps to ensure they are supporting your client's needs so that they are receiving the support they need to develop skills and independence at home and school.

You will KNOW how technology and apps can support various skills so that you can apply technology to every area of a client's life -- when you see a need. 

It's time:

For new ways to develop skills. 

To gain confidence in your abilities.

To add new tools and strategies in your toolbox for your client's needs.

To know what the BEST app will be for your caseload.

You will receive my app list with over 75 apps listed in various categories.  Each will have their own links to the iTunes store to help you get started.  Yup! It's that easy to get started with your own list!

You will explore the reasons why technology may not be successful after you make your recommendations.  I will give you the tools to troubleshoot obstacles so your client can experience success with technology.