Join a Mama Workshop


Where you can learn about different strategies to help your child learn in a way that fits them.

Different learning skills will be covered from letters and numbers -- to reading and writing.

I'm starting where it all starts -- with Letters! 

Sign up and hold your spot for only $1.00

You can select an online workshop that fits your schedule. 

Spend two hours with me: 

Hour One:

I'll teach you why letters are hard to learn and print.

Review apps and tools that will help your child.

Hour Two:

How to start using apps and resources with your child.

Questions time

Your investment is $49.00 for 2 hours! 


Now as you sign up you will see some other options available to you:

  1. You can set-up two 30 minute calls with me to review any questions you have about letters and printing when it comes to your child's progress. 
  2. You can prepare for the workshop by buying a package of worksheets and demo videos to help you figure out what you child knows when it comes to letters before the workshop even starts. 
  3. You can buy a PDF copy of my book to allow you to read WHY I'm so passionate about helping you and your child. 

If these options are not a good fit for you right now - that's fine.  Just sign up for the workshop and you will see me on that date!