What am i doing now? 

iPads at School:

  • I'm presently working on my iPads at School Levelled Program.  Enrollment is open now!!  
  • It's exciting to work on new innovative ways to support OTs that are working on the front lines with their clients (just like me).  OTs need support and encouragement for all the wonderful things that they do -- and I'm here to offer this to them -- along with some awesome strategies for tapping into the power of technology as a skill developing tool! 

Working with Clients:

  • I'm working with various clients either directly at my satellite office or online through my video conference platform. 
  • I've changed my application process which is working well.  Parents or caregivers will contact me either by email or phone to review the concerns -- from there I decide how I can support them the best. (You can also fill out the form in the parent strategy sessions as well). 

Speaking Opportunities: 

  • I've had some great speaking opportunities come up in New Jersey, London and Toronto.  I will let you know where I am in the near future.

My Book:

  • My book "Beyond Ok: From Invisible to Invincible" is on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca to purchase.  I write about my experiences as an OT student and professional in the school setting.  


  • Of course my family is high on my priority list  -- from supportive text messages to being present when my kids leave and come home from school. The list is something like this:  Resumes.  Homework. Tests. Driving to and from. Purchasing needs and wants. I'm hunger..what's to eat? Where's that bill? etc etc.  I wouldn't want to miss it for the world. 
  • Fitness on Friday nights with my youngest -- as we are setting up a fitness cardo program for younger kids in our community. 
  • Time to do the everyday stuff -- errands, clean, dentist, hair cuts, etc.

Other Business: 

  • I just finished my first Invincible Mama Program at Beyond Ok which was international the first time out -- so that was exciting.  The program is designed to support Moms as they figure out how to best support their child's learning.  The program was created after my book was written -- to provide the 'how-to' strategies for Moms.  Check it out.