Your approach to technology will change with the original iPads at School Course.  With the knowledge you gain in this course you will be able to consider every aspect of technology when recommending or introducing devices to your clients and when integrating it into your therapy approach.  

Wouldn't you LOVE if you could show others a new approach that hasn't been considered until you entered the therapy team? YES! 

Wouldn't you LOVE to be confident with technology and see all the potential it has when supporting your clients on your caseload? YES!

Wouldn't you LOVE to be the OT that others come to when they have a question about technology?  YES!

But what is happening right now? 

  • Do you have many people asking you questions about using technology to help your clients but you really don't know what to suggest. 

  • Do you hope not one will ask you to recommend an iPad or apps after they assign a new client to you as you're not sure what your role is with technology--so you keep your suggestions limited and keep focused on your traditional recommendations.   

  • Do you see the role other professions have with technology but when it comes to your role as an OTs it's unclear how you can use technology to support your client's needs 

Here's the thing!!  OTs do have a role.  A very big role when it comes to using technology.  

We use our training to ensure that skills are developing and progressing and now we can add technology into our tool box as another powerful  method to develop skills and support our clients in various settings such as school, home and the community. 

So, even if...

You feel technology is not your strength and you feel uncomfortable with any type of device in your hand -- you will gain confidence with this course! 

You think technology is limited to games for children -- you will see how technology is a powerful tool for skill development and for all ages. 

You have never tried an online program before -- you will find that you love this new approach to learning as it is offered at your pace and it's designed to fit your schedule.  And help is close by at all times! 

You are unclear how technology can be used in your caseload -- as others have 'taken over the role of technology' -- you will see how you can step into this role with confidence. 

I definitely feel more technological savvy and recognize this is the way the world is moving so it feels good to have a handle on how as an occupational therapist to utilize an iPad to assist in assessing and strengthening occupational performance areas for the students I work with.
— VS - Ontario, Canada

What will you take away from the original iPads at School course? 

You will understand why OTs need to start using technology for skill development and to support your client's needs -- so that you can start using technology in a confident way to support your client's progress and outcomes.

You will become comfortable with the iPad and what to consider when setting up the iPad and apps for your clients -- so that you will use this device without hesitation and ensure you are supporting your client's needs in the best possible way. 

You will know how to find the best apps for your client's needs -- so that you can offer suggestions based on your knowledge and skills instead of a general app list that may not fit your client's specific needs. 

You will create your own app list based on your caseload needs -- so that you are ready to offer suggestions based on your personalized list instead of trying to find time to review apps without a plan or a strategy. 

You will know how to customize apps to fit the needs of your client after reviewing over 25 apps in 6 different categories (such as communication, life skills, sensory, writing, etc) -- so that you will know how to change various settings to customize apps for your clients and allow them to be successful with the technology tools you have selected for them.   

The course provided me with valuable information and justification for why the iPad is a great tool for OT assessments and how the apps and programs can be used by clients in their treatment.
— RE- South Australia, Australia

Who created the iPads at School Course?  An OT of course!! 

contact me.jpg

I'm Susan Schenk.  I'm an OT just like you!  I've worked in the home, community and school setting for over 20 years.  I am passionate about technology. I love interacting with awesome Occupational Therapists (like you) and helping people reach their full potential.  

What else? 

I've being training OTs online with the iPads at School Course since 2013. The impact has been life changing. OTs are approaching technology in a new way and they are gaining confidence in using technology as a therapy tool.  

I'm working on new content for the iPads at School Course for 2017 but the original course is the framework. 

I have my Bachelor of Science, Occupational Therapy degree. I'm in good standing with the College of Occupational Therapist of Ontario and I'm a member of the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapist. 


What else? 

Wellllll...I'm also an author.  My book "Beyond Ok from Invisible to Invincible" talks about becoming an OT and why I was so passionate about technology when working in the school setting.  

I'm also a speaker.  I have spoken in a number of conferences in Canada.   So that's a little bit about me.  And I'm ready to support YOU!

Though I always felt that that the iPad could be used as an OT tool, I now feel I see it as one. I feel I have the ‘theory’ and the OT thought process when using the tool now which I did not feel I had before hand. I am also attaching the use of the iPad to OT goals and not just as a recommendation.
— V - Quebec, Canada

So you are ready to: 

Gain new insights.  

Become more confident with technology.

Have new tools to use with your clients.  

Save time (and money) by having the strategies in front of you. 

Great! Let's get started!!

Let's jump inside the iPads at School Course 


iPads at School Course offers multi-media learning through videos, reflective questions and action sheets to take with you as you apply what you are learning while working with your clients. 

I loved that I could go at my own pace, and I could stop, rewind, and review sections if I needed to...The biggest change (for me was) expanding the use for the iPad...(from) view(ing) the iPad as a tool for leisure/reward...(to) a tool to develop specific skills.
— P - Nova Scotia, Canada
I definitely feel more technological savvy and recognize this is the way the world is moving so it feels good to have a handle on how as an occupational therapist to utilize an iPad to assist in assessing and strengthening occupational performance areas for the students I work with.
— V - Ontario, Canada


What Technology Has to Offer OT: I introduce you to my Framework for using technology as an OT.  Be prepared to gain a new understanding of the power of technology in your daily practice.  

OT Assessment: Expand how you assess.  Explore how technology fits into OT assessment. 

Troubleshooting Obstacles for Technology Success: Explore the reasons why technology may not be successful after you make your recommendations.  I will give you the tools to troubleshoot obstacles so your client can experience success with technology.


iPad Basics: I review iPad features as well as setting up the iPad  (settings, keyboard options, folders, moving apps, finding apps, etc). And if you need a little more support, I also review how to get comfortable with the iPad before you start using it as a therapy tool.

Setting Up the iPad: You'll learn about organizing folders, using accessibility and restrictions features, finding apps you've purchased, and selecting iPad cases. 


What the iPad offers OT: We explore what is unique about the iPad and what it offers OTs. 

App Review:  Learn how to review apps and start to form your own app list and app categories. I will offer you my list of over 75 apps with links to the iTunes store to help you get started.  Yup! It's that easy to get started with your own list!


Apps for OTs: Learn about various apps in six different categories -- to support OTs in different roles. You will see what makes a GREAT app and how to customize apps as well.

Several apps are reviewed and demonstrated -- learn how to customize apps for your clients.


You will review of your "Technology Colour" and the process you've made in the Course!  And then you will have access to your bonus (because I love to offer you MORE) 

I liked being able to complete short modules when the time allowed me to. I liked being able to pause the video and try things out.
— SL Ontario, Canada

The original iPads at School Course is a self paced course

with videos, reflective questions and action sheets.

And you can sign up and start learning today!

Start learning with the original iPads at School Course today for only


If you are not completely satisfied with the course after you complete it  -- you can ask for a refund.  Simple. 

Before, I did not use the iPad unless someone specifically asked a question about it but now I try to think of apps that can help each client I work with.”
— R - British Columbia, Canada