Hi Pre-Launch Mama!

If you are here, you have been selected to work in this Pre-Launch Program.  As I need Moms (like you) that will work with me so I can create content that will support Moms --  so they can support their child at home. 

I know each child is different and has different needs and my goal is to support you in one area that your child needs support with.  However, you will most likely find that the other content I provide will help you with an older or younger sibling -- or your child as their skills progress. 

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How will this work? 

The Pre-Launch Program will be slightly different than the full program as I'm just starting to create the content for the program with YOU.  It will start Monday March 27th and we will work together for 5 days (until the Friday!)

You will have access to the Program area and the Facebook group so you can experience what it will be like in the full program.

  • Videos will be created to work through some of the concerns identified by you and the Moms in the group -- so you can support your child at home.   
  • Each day we will be focusing on a different skill area -- we will move from printing, to math, to writing, and to reading skills.
  • There will be two days where you can call in and chat with me directly and I can review how the content is supporting you. This will just be for our Pre-Launch time together.  

So to get this done, I will ask you to complete a questionnaire about your child's skills in one area such as printing, writing or reading etc each morning. This information will help me plan out my content that I will create for the Pre-Launch Moms and add to my Learn Their Way Program  -- which you will review later in the day/evening.  

You will receive an email when the video(s) is available in the program.  After you review it -- you can complete the form about what you learned from the video and what supports you need for the new skill area we will review the next day.

Two planned calls will be take place on Tuesday March 28th and Thursday March 30 at 1:00pm EST to review any questions or concerns you have.  If you can't make the calls , I just ask that you watch the recording and write out any questions you might have at that time. 

This process of questionnaires, videos, face to face calls will continue for 5 days.  At the end of the 5 days, Friday March 31st, I will ask you to offer your feedback about the content and the Group set up to ensure that it will fits the needs of other Moms.   

So to work with me for 5 days  -- where you can ask specific questions about your child and receive videos about various skills that will support your child --  I ask for a few things from you:

1. A commitment to complete the questionnaires, watch the videos and be involved in offering your feedback as I plan new content for this program. 

2. To further the commitment, I ask for an investment of $39.99.  If you feel the Program offered you incredible value and you want to continue -- you don't have to do a thing.  You can just continue with the Learn Their Way Program + Private Group as I will be adding more content to the program to launch it by the end of April. You will pay $39.99 in April as you continue with the program. You can stop the payments yourself through my payment system, so you are in control of your investment and commitment.
If you feel this pre-launch didn't meet your needs, I would love to chat more about what would support you better -- and will offer you a refund if this was not a good fit for you.  (Your initial investment money for the pre-launch will go towards a fund to allow Parents into the group without the initial sign up fee which is $149.00) 

3. Agreement to the terms and conditions when working with me - read them here. 

I look forward to working with you in the  "Learn Their
Way Program + Private Group"!   Just click the button below if you are in agreement to work with me for 5 days so we can start on Monday March 27th. 

Monday Morning:  I will send you an email which will direct you to the Learn Their Way Platform.  There you will have an welcome video from me and the next steps to take.  I will ask you to complete the first questionnaire which will allow me to complete the content for that day.  Once the content is upload and ready to review -- I will send you another email so you can watch it during the day or evening. Following this, quickly complete the questionnaire and feedback form. You will also be find out the link for the call on the Tuesday afternoon -- so we can chat face to face!

I look forward to supporting you!