Strategy Session 

My approach is based on years of experience as an Occupational Therapist, and as a parent of three kids. I look at real-life strategies--that is, I look at the skills you want to see in your child and then I break down those skills into steps:  this is called a "top-down" approach.  

Top-down approach?  Yes.   We are developing the skills for what your child needs.  Period.

I like to focus on the skills that need to be develop in order for your child to make progress.  I have completed formal assessments for 20 years giving percentages and recommendations, which is all great but I'm a 'let's get it done' type of person.  I want kids to see progress and for parents to get really clear on the next steps they need to take to move their child forward.    

Older Student Strategy Session

You want to know what is gonna work for you.  How can you learn or work in a way that allows you to see progress and feel good about how you learn.  We can work together to review strategies and possible the use of technology to help you get what you need to do ...done! 

Sound good?  Great.   

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