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strategy sessions

1. Initial Strategy Session

Once I receive your documents, I will start working on the Strategy Session before we even meet!  You can send me your child's report cards, assessments, IEP, etc).  I will have a tentative plan worked out from the documents you provide. If you don't have any documents -- no worries we will work through it as we go. 

We will then meet either online via video conferencing, by phone or in my office --  to review your child's history and discuss were you are right now in terms of needing support for your child.  We will then come up with the top priorities to focus on and why. 

This focus on priorities will help you move out of overwhelm and have a clear plan for the next steps you will take to support your child's learning needs (and other needs as well). 

I will send you an email to review the priorities and next steps from our call -  so you will have this information in front of you.  

Investment of one payment of $275


2. Initial Strategy Session with 1 or 2 Follow up Sessions

You will receive the same support as #1 but you will also receive a document with the priorities and resources which I will put together after reviewing your child's needs with you.  

This resource page will assist you in finding and setting up the tools that you can use to help your child move forward with their learning at home -- or at school/in the community. 

We will have two 30 minute follow up sessions or one 1 hour follow up session to review what is working and what needs to be adjusted -- as you work with your child and others that support your child. 

Investment of 2 payments of $215.00 


3. Initial Strategy Session with 2 - 4 Follow up Sessions.

You will receive the same support as #2 - review of documents, priorities, resource page/links, and follow up sessions. However, we will have more time to work together to set up the recommendations and make any adjustments needed. 

You can select four 30 minute follow up sessions or two 1 hour sessions.  It's up to you! 

You will have unlimited email access to me for 2 months from the date of our initial strategy session.

Investment of 3 payments of $250.00  


After we work together, we can make a plan for ongoing support that fits you!

Review the terms and conditions below:


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