Does this sound familiar? 

* There are tons of programs and approaches out there to help your child with their learning and other skills (and maybe you have tried them). But the results were minimal and they just didn't seem to be enough.  If your child is working solely on the areas they have difficulties in, they can use their strengths to minimize the learning gaps or become empowered to understand HOW they learn.  


*  You find that programs focus on one skill, but it doesn't address what your child needs right now to help them learn at the level they understand.  It is a delicate balancing act of working on both your child's strengths and areas of difficulties so you can give your child the progress and results they need to see. 


::  You have supports for your child at school and in the community, but you are not clear on what your child is working on during these times and how they are working on these skills.  You feel bad that you are running your child from school... to tutors ....and then coming home to complete homework.  Your child is on a learning 'treadmill' with minimal results and you can't keep doing this every day. 

You need a clear plan and strategies to allow you to support your child's needs and their learning.  

You're done trying to figure things out on your own.

You want someone that can help you filter through all the facts and come up a plan you agree with and the strategies to help you get started. 

There are many factors to consider when looking at your child and what they need -- but with the right plan and supports, you can make the best decisions to support your child's learning and skills at home and school. 

What are people saying about their Strategy Session? 

My son was having difficulties getting thoughts from his head to paper. He was feeling discouraged when he was unable to work as quickly as classmates.

We were stressed over simple homework assignments. They were taking a long time and my son was frustrated.

The biggest takeaways from the Strategy Sessions was having the technology to make things easier for my son so he could write and edit his work. My son feels more confident and doesn’t feel bogged down by homework anymore.

My son knows now that everyone learns differently and that’s okay. He knows now how to express himself better in what helps him make sense of things.
— Strategy Session Parent Feedback
My son benefitted from the apps/programs allowing him to type his answers on the computer, organize his materials and the use of the pdf transfer sheets allowing him to answer questions on his computer reducing the dysgraphia challenge. He is learning to break down his work into more digestible pieces and encouraged to keep working and not give up. My son’s frustration is reduced by the reduction in the distractions during his learning time, his ability to meet his sensory needs when he needs it and then be able to continue with a minimum of interruption.

The awesome by-product of all of this is that he can focus more on his school work and has freed him up to feel more willing to socialize knowing his learning challenges have been addressed.

My son and I felt encouraged and validated. Your clarification of his challenges, your confirmation of the strategies that had already been implemented and your further provision of strategies has increased his self-esteem and has encouraged him to apply himself with a more positive attitude.

My son was encouraged by the success he experienced and the respect he received from you working with him. He is now gradually building his self-esteem, recognizing that he is not inadequate but that his difficulties are a result of a specific learning needs.
My son now uses technology to answer questions without having to be overwhelmed by the grammar piece. He can focus on his ideas and then return to his work to correct spelling errors with word search and then separately focus on grammar and sentence structure.

Strategy Sessions:  3 Levels

So where do you start?  You can select the Initial Strategy Session.  It's a place to start and get clear on your next direction and how to approach supporting your child.  

Take a look at the three levels of Strategy Sessions and select what works for you.  After the Strategy Sessions are completed, you will have the option to continue to receive support throughout the year with my Follow Up Strategy Session Package.  Because as you know, your child's needs will change and you need support to guide you through these changes.  You will be confident and so will your child -- once you get clear on what they need and what works for them! 

strategy sessions

#1. Initial Strategy Session: 

You need clarity.  You need someone to review reports or documents and/or your concerns about your child and offer you a focus -- so you can put strategies in place at home (and maybe even at school)

You are not waiting any longer. You know you can have an impact with your child's overall learning and skill development but you need some support to do this.  

With the initial strategy session, I will review any samples of work, documents, report cards to review the concerns and see what your child is doing.  Videos can also be helpful! We will then get together to review all the facts and come up with a plan - clarity and focus is what you will walk away with.  

#2. Strategy Sessions with 1-2 Follow up appointments

You would love to have the clarity that comes with the initial strategy session but you also want to a document with the plan and a list of the exact resources and apps to use to help your child at home (and school). You also want more support to make sure you are on the right path.   You don't have to figure it all out on your own. We will meet and review what is working and what needs to change.  And if you need more time with me -- that can be arrange as well.  


#3. Strategy Sessions with 2-4 Follow up Appointments

You want more clarity.  You want the plan.  You would love the resource page.  But you know you want more support to make sure what you are doing is working -- to work out the kinks -- and to move you and your child forward.  So you really want this strategy session -- it will offer you more support and 2 months of follow up emails as well.  You can email for feedback and support as well!!  For 8 weeks...2 months....yes...I'm there for you! 

You still have questions?  And you would like to chat with me first...We can! 

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