Strategy Sessions
for parents


Does This Sound Familiar? 

:: There are tons of programs and approaches out there to help your child with their learning and other skills (and maybe you have tried them). But the results were minimal and they just didn't seem to be enough.  If your child is working solely on the areas they have difficulties in, they can use their strengths to minimize the learning gaps or become empowered to understand HOW they learn.  


:: You find that programs focus on one skill, but it doesn't address what your child needs right now to help them learn at the level they understand.  It is a delicate balancing act of working on both your child's strengths and areas of difficulties so you can give your child the progress and results they need to see. 


::  You have supports for your child at school and in the community, but you are not clear on what your child is working on during these times and how they are working on these skills.  You feel bad that you are running your child from school... to tutors ....and then coming home to complete homework.  Your child is on a learning 'treadmill' with minimal results and you can't keep doing this every day. 

You need a clear plan and strategies to allow you to support your child's needs and their learning.  

You're done trying to figure things out on your own.

You want someone that can help you filter through all the facts and come up a plan you agree with and the strategies to help you get started. 

There are many factors to consider when looking at your child and what they need -- but with the right plan and supports, you can make the best decisions to support your child's learning and skills for home and school. 

My approach is based on years of experience as an Occupational Therapist, and as a parent of three kids. I look at real-life strategies--that is, I look at the skills you want to see in your child and then I break down those skills into steps:  this is called a "top-down" approach.  

Top-down approach?  Yes.   We are developing the skills for what your child needs.  Period.

I like to focus on the skills that need to be develop in order for your child to make progress.  I have completed formal assessments for 20 years giving percentages and recommendations, which is all great but I'm a 'let's get it done' type of person.  I want kids to see progress and for parents to get really clear on the next steps they need to take to move their child forward. 


One strategy session

A Great Start

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Two strategy sessions


Stop the Overwhelm




four strategy sessions

You've Got This