summer Strategy Sessions

Summer Strategy Sessions

It's still summer...

and you want to enjoy these remaining days but you still want to know how to support your child and develop a clear plan as they get ready to head back to school.

That's why the

Summer Strategy Sessions

were created. 

If you want...

  • a few strategies to work with your summer plans and honestly don't feel like work when it comes to learning.
  • someone to direct you to resources and to bounce ideas off of, so you can make slight adjustments when things aren't going as planned.
  • to be focused so you can also relax and not worry about everything.  
  • to aware of the gains you are making when it comes to your child's wellbeing and overall development.

then the Summer Strategy Sessions are for you!

Summer is a tricky time for both parents and kids.  

You want the fun of the holidays and time to focus on activities you normally don't do until this time of the year BUT you might have some worry or doubt in the back of your mind that you are not doing ENOUGH.  You SHOULD BE...DOING THIS! 

Let's take the pressure off by putting a plan in place.  

A plan for learning words or letters or math skills that works with your travelling time from your home to your cottage.  Or your home to camp.  

A plan that focuses on social time with other kids.  

A plan for writing that is easy and fun. 

etc. etc. 

So how does the Summer Strategy Sessions work?  

It's really a combination of my original strategy sessions....but designed to fit the summer months. 

You get the initial session to review concerns and any documents you might have.  We chat by video conference or in my office.  

A plan is created.  Resources are found and given to you in a resource document that allows you to find the items by linking on the links.  

You then have one follow up 30 min call with me to problem solve or update your progress and add more recommendations. 

You also get 8 weeks of email support.  So when you need some ideas or support -- just email me.

It's a little bit of my ViP and my original Strategy Sessions ...just for summer. 

Are you ready for this support?  For resources and strategies, so you can relax and focus on the fun of summer? 

I thought so.

I can only take on so many Summer Strategy Sessions --cause (honestly) I want to enjoy my summer too! 

[Summer Strategy Sessions will no longer be available after August 18, 2017. - so take advantage of the weeks left ] 

Sign up so we can get started soon.

1. Hit the button below - I NEED SOME STRATEGIES and support :) 

2. Fill out the form with your name and email. 

3. Make your payment. 

4. Fill out the form online so I have details. 

5. Schedule your call with me with the online calendar (video conference or phone call)

6. Email me any documents that would help me support you. 

7. Put the date in your calendar and we will connect on that date. (eesy peesy....and you will follow similar steps for our next call) 

BONUS: If you sign up before June 29, 2017, you will receive the Invincible Mama Workbooks which is a roadmap to supporting your child's way of learning -- which is part of the Invincible Mama Program valued at $97.00. 

Still thinking about it?  

If you need to chat .... just click on the button below to schedule a 15 minute chat with me!