Your child loves life...but letters are tricky to learn!

 You have a child that loves life.  They are active and fun to be around.  They love learning about animals and singing their favourite Disney songs.  You know that they will love it at school, as they are showing so many signs of being ready to go!  

But you've noticed one thing, they seem to be 'guessing' at letters!

Your child may watch a show about letters and say them out loud--which is great--but you find after the show is over, they are not able to tell you the letters they just reviewed.  

This leads you to question:  Should they know these letters?  Should they be more interested in letters?  

Your child may just be starting school or they might already be in school ...and you've noticed this trend.  

Now, don't worry, I'm here to let you know that you (the parent) can change this!  Yes, you can!

You don't have to wait and see--you can figure out what letters your child 'really' knows and how to help them learn more letters in a way that interests them and lets them be successful.  

Today I would like to support you by offering my 'Learning Letters' program that will help you understand why letters may be 'tricky' to learn, how you can figure out what letters your child knows right now, and how to help them learn more letters.  

It's a great price today -- because it's Friday! 


Susan SchenkComment