When an App List is Just Not Enough!!


When an App List is NOT enough.jpg

I've looked at various app lists made specifically for certain age groups or learning needs.  And sometimes I'm pleased with the great resource list but sometimes I'm disappointed. 

I feel the real reason I’m disappointed is because I’m looking for an app to help with one very specific skill--and the list doesn't offer this.

Or the apps on the list do not provide the multisensory feedback that will help a child get their work done in the best possible way (so, it's a 'good app', but maybe not the BEST app). 

You see, an app list is a great place to start but it's not the end of your search!  That's why app lists alone are NOT enough!

You have to decide WHEN and WHERE  an app is helpful! 

You may come across an app you like in a list, but it's just not 'right' for your child or client right now.  That's fine!  But keep track of this app by making a list with links back to the app so you can purchase it later. 

You may review an app that was recommended but, based on what you see, it doesn't offer as much as another app, so it's off the list altogether.  This can also happen as new apps come on the market.

You may like an app for a period of time because it’s working on the skill you need to focus on--but when a new app comes out that offers what you've been really looking for, you can't help but 'only' use this new app from now on. 

Let me think of a quick example to show you what I mean.  

When I first started working with a word prediction app (which is starting to filter its way into mainsteam writing through iDevices...which I'm thrilled about!), the selection of words and phonetic supports were minimal--and so the software programs were still better for word prediction.  But as the years go by and the apps on the market improve, the word prediction apps are getting better and better.  In fact, they are making the iPad 'the choice device' for using word prediction for younger children due to the ease in using the app! 

My App List changes--but the great apps stay there as the developers make sure they do! 

I do find that once you find some great apps, you continue to use the apps for a longer period of time. Particularly when the app offers many options to customize it to fit a number of clients' needs, or to change the settings as the child's skills change.

If you want to learn more about finding and setting up GREAT APPS (and making your OWN app list), join my next iPads at School Course!