What's the best Screen Size for my Child/client?

I know screen size is just one part of the picture when looking at buying or recommending an iPad for a child but it's a good place to start.  

As I see it, the size of the iPad screen depends on the main reason the child is using the iPad in the first place.  So here's a few questions to ask yourself to figure out what the best screen size will be: 


To start with you need to know what is the main reason you are considering an iPad for your child/client.

Here are some possible answers you might have:  

* for communication

* to help them learn new skills such as forming and identifying letters

* to help them with reading and writing skills 

* to support their self care skills 

You might have some or all of these reasons listed above for using the iPad.  If you do, consider how the screen size can meet all of these needs. 


Based on the main reasons for using the iPad, you can identify where the iPad will be used and how your child/client be using it. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself: 

* Does your child/client need to carry the iPad around continuously? Or will the iPad be set up on a desk most of the time? 

* Will the iPad need to be used in more than one setting such as home and school?

* Is your child/client able to use a smaller keyboard or would they benefit from a larger onscreen keyboard? 

These are just a few questions around the 'where and how' of iPad use but these questions help to figure out what size of iPad will work best. 

3. WHO

The next question is WHO. Who will be using the iPad?  Will it be just one child or more than one.  

If the iPad is designed to work with a number of children, it's best to complete the first two steps again with each user in mind to determine if the screen size you have selected will work with each child.  Of course, these are just a few started questions to consider but they are still important questions to ask to figure out what fits your child/client's needs the best.  Why don't you take this one step further and download this free sheet to write down your answers to these points above: What's the Best Screen Size: Write it Down

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