School is Over But Your Concerns are Not!


As a parent of three kids, I know what it's like to walk through the steps I'm about to describe to you--the steps of figuring out when your child needs support...the steps of trying to find support that makes sense...and most importantly finding someone who understands what you are experiencing.  

When your child heads to school, you hope they will love it!

Love their teacher. Love making new friends. Love learning.

Your child seems to be okay at school.  You continue on with your other daily routines but your child is never too far from your mind.  They get home from school and you ask them to tell you what they learned, who their friends are, and how they like their teacher.  

It all seems good (you think) -- it will just take time, right?

Time passes and you have your first meeting with their teacher-- again everything seems okay. The teacher may suggest your child work on a few skills at home but no specific concerns are discussed.

Your child has been at school for a while now.  You start to notice that your child doesn't want to go to school.  They don't seem to like school anymore and when you ask them to tell you what letters are in their name or identify a number, they seem to have difficulties with this.  

Time continues and the school year is over.  It was not an easy year.  Your child doesn't really like school and you know they should be able to identify most letters or numbers, based on what the teacher tells you at the end of the year, but they can’t.

If you are at this point right now and your child has just started school again and the difficulties continue, it's time to look at ways to help your child learn in a way that they can feel successful.  Many times the way we approach learning doesn't tap into the child's strengths and needs to help them learn.  

I would love to connect with you if you feel you are in this place.  Leave a comment below or send me a comment on the Get Started page. 


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