It all starts in a few weeks...

This is the 3rd year that iPads at School has been offered to OTs around the globe!  

This year the course will be available this coming month, April 14th, and in the fall.  So decide now which month will work for you and don't miss the dates.  If you can't make the April course then consider jumping on my email list to make sure you know when the 'doors are open to register' in the fall.  

Each year I offer a new bonus material to go with the iPads at School course, along with added 'new' content specifically for the course.  This means the iPads at School course has grown in content over the three years.  I want to offer YOU more, so you can help more kids develop the skills they need NOW.

Technology is not something you add to your OT recommendations or direct therapy, after all, the other options haven't worked.  It's a tool to develop skills in a very powerful way and I cover this in the iPads at School Course.  

I want OTs to consider technology when looking at developing various skills -- not just keyboarding or writing.  We cover MORE skills than keyboarding...and it's time to show others WHAT OTs can offer :)   

Are you in?  Are you ready to learn a new approach to using technology?