Overcoming Barriers

I can't help it!

I love technology and I'm obsessed with finding out ways to integrate this powerful tool into the lives of kids -- to allow them to develop skills and be successful!

I'm always looking for ways to:

  • Move skills from one level to the next.
  • Allow a child to develop skills in the way that is multi-sensory and promotes independence.
  • Develop different skill levels at the same time.
  • Move skills from technology to other tools.

I also know there are barriers out there.

Barriers such as:

  • Time: as it takes time to learn about the iPad or find the best apps for that one particular child. (but I do have a strategy for this!)

  • Lack of understanding: when others are not sure how technology, such as the iPad, can really help kids develop skills. (however, as your confidence level increases and you really embrace the power of technology, you can show them!)

  • Assessment findings to recommendations: analyzing your assessment findings and then deciding how technology can support the child now instead of later. (you will combine traditional approaches with a new approach to technology use)

  • Your defined OT role: how can you use technology and still stay within the role you have been assigned? (my role was changed many times but as you get really clear on what technology offers functional skills or basic skills such as visual perceptual or fine motor development then you can still step into using this device within the definitions of your OT role)


And of course, there are other barriers as well (funding, lack of adult support) but I guess I'm too passionate about technology to let that stop me or maybe it's because I've overcome a few obstacles myself which is why I believe barriers are just there to make you a better problem solver!

So can we overcome these barriers?

I believe we can. And that's why I'm here with you. I've overcome some of the barriers I've listed and I want to help you move through some of these barriers as well. Don't worry I will be here to support you!

With the excitement of what technology can offer kids today and the added barriers that we might face as OTs (and as parents) -- I really feel it's time to expand our thinking and move outside of the box, and offer kids a new approach to gaining skills.

We can do it!