OTs: it's time to move outside of the box

I really feel that more and more OTs are put in a box that defines their role -- limiting the real power of what OTs are trained to do:  

Help kids gain more skills and succeed in life!  

I want OTs to be able to move outside of this box by not only using all the wonderful traditional tools they have in their back pocket but also adding in the power of technology to help kids develop the skills they need in school (and at home).

There were times when I felt that others wanted me in a certain box.  You know, "You do this... and I do that".  But I just couldn't do it.  

So instead of TELLING them what I could do to REALLY help the child...I just started to SHOW them.  

I slowly introduced technology and talked about how my role still looked at visual perceptual, visual motor and fine motor skills (all the terms we OTs talk about) but how these skills also addressed the bigger issue of getting things done in school.  Which is really what everyone is looking for....Right??? 

I know OTs are saying, "BUT that's the teacher's role or the tech departments area!" But they are not OTs.  

Every professional has a certain type of training and that's how they use and view technology.  OTs offer SO much when it comes to using technology to develop skills.

OTs are trained to break down a task and skills in order to help a child move from A to B.  We are skill focused!  So even though others may say this is their role...it's time for OTs to step outside the box and SHOW others how technology is a big part of our role to help kids develop skills.  

Okay, I'm stepping off my soap box but just for a little while.  I'll be back to encourage OTs to use technology more and more....because I just can't do it any other way!

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