Can I Assess with Apps? #OT question

Yes, you can assess with apps.  There I said it.  

Apps are not just there to help kids develop skills but to help you assess your client's difficulties and abilities. 

You see once you get a clear understanding of how OTs use technology for skill development and how to analyze the apps and the skills you are working on in an app -- then my friend -- you are ready for the next step!!  

You can then assess skills using apps.  But not just any RANDOM app.

You would assess skills with specific apps that you have selected for your caseload needs {psssttt we cover this in the iPads at School Level One Program}  This allows you to be ready to assess various skills using an iPad -- pretty cool right?

It makes it easy to start using this wonderful tool to assess skills!! Doesn't that sound good? I think it does.

So step out and give it a try! 

1. Select one app that you really like or you think would support your clients on your caseload and use it during your assessment.  

2. Write down what you observed and what skills your client is using with the app

3. Determine what skills they need to develop to help them use the app or to develop the skill you want to improve.

You can do this. 

Susan SchenkComment