What do I believe: small gains lead to big results

When you step out and want to make an impact on the world through your business -- you have to have some "I believe" statements, as they reflect why you are doing what you are doing.  So today I will share some of my statements with you.  


  • Technology is not passive:  it's very active and engages kids in a way that lets them use all of their senses--which leads to learning and expressing themselves in an independent way. 
  • Technology can offer ways of helping kids that traditional approaches do not offer--it doesn't change everything, but it's very powerful and can't be overlooked.  
  • It's important to know what a child's needs are and to find the technology that fits them--not the other way around. 
  • Small gains can lead to big results.  Focus on small details while keeping the big goal in mind. 
  • Technology is not all or nothing.  It can support what your child is doing right now--without adding one more difficult task to their day. 
  • Technology can be combined with many other supports (other tools) -- and many times it needs to be!
  • Using technology is a skill of its own:  develop it in a powerful way, so kids can use technology as a valuable learning device.
  • It's important to start early with technology support:  the gains made with technology will almost appear unnoticeable, as the child makes progress while using the '"right" support and tools at the "right" time. 
  • Technology can't be powerful when "left on a shelf" too long. If a child is frustrated for quite a while and is offered technology at the "peak" of this frustration,  it might look like technology didn't help them...even if it had the ability to give the child what they needed. 

So, Technology doesn't have to be hard -- it just has to be understood! 

Susan SchenkComment