OTs: Are you ready for a change? How about stepping into your own business

I know you're thinking about it!  You want to change what you are doing right now.  But you wonder if that means changing your whole career focus.  

Maybe not!

It might just mean changing your focus.  Or, changing where you work and how you work.  

I know you selected Occupational Therapy as a profession for a reason.  You selected it because it fit you.  And you know what, it still does--but you need to use all those wonderful skills for something else.  Maybe even something that is yours!  

I also came to a place where I had to focus on something new.  Something that would offer me the creative approach I needed.  Something that would allow me to work with people in a bigger way, as I had a message I wanted to bring to the world. 

And now I'm ready to step up and show you all that I know about tapping into that part of you that wants something more.  And that doesn't mean that you have to stop being an OT!!  

It might mean having your own business or becoming an expert in an area at work that allows you to use your creative talents within the business you are working for.  Either way, I want to offer you the ability to tap into the use of technology not only to help you use this tool to support your clients but to possibly support YOU in the future!  

This is exciting times my OT friend.  If you are ready for this leap into learning new things in terms of technology for your clients and for YOU....you need to consider the iPads at School Levelled Program.  

And if you LOVE the idea of learning more about setting up an OT business to get your ideas off the ground.  Leave me a comment here!  {yes...do it!}

Susan SchenkComment