A new tool is in town! (kinda)

A new tool in town (kinda)

I'm sure you have heard of essential oils.  I had.  And it really didn't interest me.  I thought it was only for soaps and other stuff that I wasn't really into. 

All that changed when a few health issues hit my world in 2017.  I had come to the end of the support found in the medical world so I started to look for other options.  Any options.

I looked for professional health support in the private world as I knew this was where I would find what I needed.  And I did.  A nutritionist was a great start to our healing.  Next we focused on other therapies such as massage and physio...but we weren't done.  We still had a lot of healing to do.

I was talking to a friend that happened to be a nutritionist and she mentioned that Frankincense was known to support people with concussions ...and Zengest was great for digestive issues.  She also stated that each person responds differently but it might be worth a try.   I was in. 

Long story short.  The essential oils offered a support we needed and this lead me to look deeper into the new 'tool' of essential oils.  

Of course, I couldn't help but look at this tool through the eyes of an OT. 

I know essential oils are not new -- but I felt it was something OTs needed to know more about.

Could this be similar to what I did with the iPads at School Program?  Maybe.  

Occupational Therapists have always looked at sensory processing and how it impacts a child's ability to make sense of their environment and gain the skills they need. So let's look at how gaining knowledge about essential oils can support OTs when they are addressing these issues at home or at school.

Right now this content is free when you join the beta course. - sign up to be part of my "beta or pre-enrolling course" for this new content.  

I'm excited to work with you on this new content. 

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