Does your child think "Letters are Crazy"?

why letters are crazy?

Letters seem harmless.  They're are just lines and curves, right? Not really.

Your child has to put together so many skills to master these odd looking things.  And when all these skills clash together, your child thinks letters are CRAZY and would rather do anything else but look at them or learn them!

As an OT, I assessed the skills needed to recall and form letters.  I watched for years and broke down each part to see what was needed to help a child succeed.  

I also understood the difficulties kids faced due to my own learning differences, so with my personal and professional experience, I develop strategies - strategies that focus on gains/success/independence.

So if your child hates LETTERS, that's okay.  They just need a few steps broken down.  They need to learn the letters in a way that fits them.  

Where do you start --  when it comes to helping your child with letters? 

1. Find out what letters they know really well. That means no matter when your child sees that letter they know it no problem. Write it down.

2. Find out what letters are very confusing for them. Start slow - work on only a few letters at a time. Write it down. 

2. Find out what is more frustrating for your child in general: the letter name,  the letter sound, or making the letter (printing). Write it down. 

This is a great start. You will then know where to begin which is important for making a plan. 

Learning Letters will be one package offered in my new online  "Learn Their Way Program"  which I will be talking about more as the weeks continue.  This program is a monthly subscription to allow you to get their hands on the content they need and the support YOU need to move forward in supporting your child.