Entrepreneurs and learn differences -- let's make the connection!

entrepreneurs and creative kids that learn differently -- what's the connection?

I've been in the business world for a few years now and loved connecting with other business people, and I wondered why I wanted to stay here. Why didn't I move onto OT or Mom's groups?  What drew me to this population? Over time I started to figure it out. 

When I was working with various business women, they usually would ask my business is about so I would tell them that I help parents support their children's learning differences.  At that point, they would say great, but there was little response from them. 

Maybe they were thinking about what I said and relating it to their world.  Maybe it sounded like I was a teacher and their child already has one..so why talk any further.  Or maybe they were just focusing on their business, and that's all good I'm at the same event for the same reason -- my business. 

But when we sat down for lunch, and we moved away from our business focus, I usually found myself explaining the why behind my business and my story.  From that conversation, I found many women then started to talk about their child's learning and the frustrations they have had.  In fact, in one situation, there were about 3/4 of the women at the table that shared the struggles they were dealing with at home and school when it came to their child's learning and other concerns. (and I would have to say the ones that didn't talk....didn't have kids) so that's more like 100%.

It got me thinking about the connection with Entrepreneurs and their children.  How they are smart, and so are their children, but the silent struggles of learning differently still exist.  

Perhaps, we don't want to say anything about the learning concerns because our kids are smart or we feel we can handle it. But we also know it's something in the back of our minds maybe even keeping us up at night because our children don't feel smart and they can't seem to show others their abilities. 

So.... what if as entrepreneurs we started to look at how incredible WE are -- and how awesome OUR children are and what is NEEDED to help them learn in a way that fits them right now.  Just like we found a career that fit US! 

What if....we looked for the same type of support that we do for our business.  A mentor.  Someone to guide us through the steps, so we don't have to figure everything out for ourselves, and THEN we can focus on what we need to do next?? 

Doesn't that sound like something most entrepreneurs would do? Learn and then put things into place?  Well, that's what I offer.  The ability to figure out what steps to take at home to allow your child to see their way of learning -- and this then filters into the school setting as well (or helps with homeschooling).  

I know I have the experience to tell me that entrepreneurs and learning differences are connected but I wanted to see what research says about this.  So I decided I would look into this a bit more and see what facts were out there, and this is what I found: 

ADHD: The Entrepreneur's Superpower

Study shows stronger links between entrepreneurs and dyslexia

New Research Reveals Many Entrepreneurs Are Dyslexic


Coudl This Be teh Sercet to Sussecc?

The study indicates that 35 % of entrepreneurs have a learning difference such as dyslexia or ADHD.  But when reading the study, it was only through self-identification.  

I might have missed something, but I feel the percentage is much higher, as many adults don't have a diagnosis and may have 'survived' school similar to myself. And when you are out in the business world you don't have to focus on the struggles -- so would you identify yourself as having a learning difference at that time? Maybe. Maybe not. 
There is a connection.  If you see it and YOU are thinking about your creative, smart child and how they learn differently, I want you to think about not just investing in our business courses but in a 'course' that will allow our child to tap into their abilities sooner -- rather than later.  Consider my strategy sessions as the earliest business course you will purchase for your child. 

If you want to know more about my story -- you grab a free chapter of my book -- or read a quick overview here. 

We got this - my entrepreneur friends :) 





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