Working harder doesn't work!

Harder doesn't work!

We Tend To Think That A Child Just Needs To Work Harder To Get Better Results.

But it's not HARDER they need.  They need SMARTER. They need a way of learning that fits THEM. 

I have watched for years, as kids with various learning differences have tried to learn using traditional ways - the way others want them to -- only to have bigger LEARNING GAPS between them and their peers, a lower SELF ESTEEM and no real PROGRESS in their learning world. 

And that's why I'm here --  to help YOU understand what your child needs so they can learn successfully. so you can help your child - so we can stop the lack of progress, the loss of self esteem and to minimize the learning gaps that can happen. 

Really it's about helping YOU, so you can support YOUR child.

In other words:

  • It about stopping the frustration and fighting that comes with homework. 
  • It's about helping your child see how they learn -- so they know they can learn. 
  • It about stopping all the extra 'learning programs' that may not be helping your child.
  • It's about minimizing the other concerns that can arise such as anxiety and low self esteem.


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