Homeschooling and Entrepreneurs

Homeschooling and Entrepreneurs

I know homeschooling and entrepreneuring (my new word) go together.  

As an entrepreneur you have the flexibility in your schedule and you may mostly work from home, so it makes the possibility of homeschooling your child a real option, 

There are many reasons to homeschool. In fact I schooled for approximately 5=6 months for 2 out of 3 of my children due to medical reasons.  

Now to be honest, I schooled at home with their teacher's support. We worked on their assignments when they were feeling up to it so I didn't have to look for resources but I did have to figure out how to help my child learn the material.

Homeschooling is a real option.  And my children did ask to be homeschooled many times when they were younger.  But it wasn't the right fit for us at that time.  I was working as an OT in the school setting and I didn't have the knowledge I have today.  

What homeschooling did teach me was:

1.Planned, yet Flexible

You have to have an incredible day schedule and flexibility to work through all the school content but you also don't require a full school day to get it done!  It takes less time but you have to dedicate time.  

2. A New Level Of Learning

Adding in my support offered them the ability to learn at the level they could without the frustration (not every single time we worked together but many times it was a positive experience as we could make it work for them and me!) And I would love to share how to tap into your child's ability to learn in my Strategy Sessions .

3. Parents rock

Parents have a big roll in supporting their child's learning and managing the emotions that might come with it.  So homeschooling offered this but you can also allow them to take a day off from the demands of school to support them and see what they need to learn.  It will pay you back many times over.  Wanna know how you can make a big difference, even if you are working on homework at night...look at my Strategy Sessions :) 

4. Get Support

Having the support of others (in  my case, the teachers) allowed me to focus on HOW my child was learning instead of WHAT my child was learning.  This was SO helpful and allowed us to keep moving forward ...and allowed my kids to return to school without a learning gap.  

Would I homeschool?  Not now. But having time with my kids and allowing them to heal was important.  They eventually didn't want to be home -- as school and friends were the priority for them! And I was REALLY happy about that :)