iPads are designed for OTs

ipads are designed for OTs

iPads are awesome.  I still remember when I bought my first iPad and started to play around with what it could do.  My mind exploded with possibilities. 

With the right app you could customize feedback and select what skill you wanted to focus on.  

Say what????

Seriously this was a turning point in my OT career!! 

But shortly after I started working with clients on the iPad, I read an email from an OT supervisor stating that OTs didn't need to know about iPads and apps when they were searching for a course for their OTs.   

I just about lost my mind! 

What are they talking about???  

Of course, OTs need to be using iPads and apps -- it offers something other approaches DO NOT. 

I was so passionate about OTs using the iPad that I designed my iPads at School Program for OTs.  

It took time to walk through what I needed to cover and how it all related to our profession. 

I started with the WHY.  

>>> Why do OTs NEED to use iPads (and technology in general) what does it offer our clients.  

>>> Why is it an incredible FIT when it comes to Occupational Therapy and skill development.  

The WHY was BIG.  This part of the program tends to shift how OTs view and use the iPad and apps.  

If you are questioning your role as an OT when it comes to the iPad and apps (or technology in general) don't sit and wonder anymore...get confident in what YOU can offer.  Add technology particularly the iPad and apps to your OT toolbox, so you are ready to support your client, and you can then address the questions others will ask you.  

I'm so passionate about OTs using technology that my program is now $197.00 instead of $325.00. Right now I'm considering this my summer rate for this year.  I want OTs to be confident and ready to use technology powerfully.  LET'S DO THIS OTS!!



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