Epic strategies to help your child "learn their way'


You want your child to learn.  You want your child to be successful.  

But in our desire to want this we sometimes miss what they need the most, to figure out how they learn.  I know you might be saying, "I can't do that" I'm just a mom or just a dad. 


You and your child CAN figure out what fits their learning!

And.. you want to do this as it allows you both to move forward in a powerful way.


So what can you start to do to help you support your child's way of learning? 

First of you have to...


To start with you have select one skill (and even parts of a skill) to help you find out what your child knows and where they might be getting stuck. 

I'm gonna talk about letters as this is a skill that we can all relate to and all kids have to focus on this skill early in their learning.

Part of my Learn Their Way Checklist for Letters and Printing

Letters. You have to know them by name.  You have to know the sound they make and you have to be able to form or print them.  That's a lot of skills for just 'LETTERS'.

To help you walk through what it's like to focus on one skill and figure out how to look at different skills take a look at my sample checklist for letters and printing from my Learn Their Way Program. (psst you can also get a copy of this page and the other 2 pages in my free parent resource area)

Now that you have a skill selected --  the next step is to: 


I know you watch your child BUT you need to really watch your child. The word I use as an Occupational Therapist is observe.  

You have to 'see' where your child stops or where they have confusion.  Don't worry about figuring out why this is happening just yet.  

You are just observing. 

Finally, you want to


You are now going to write down what you see. 

Let's go back to letters again.  Let's say your are observing your child and you start to figure out that they are great at knowing letters in their name but as soon as you ask for other letters they don't know them.  You are coming across some information that is very powerful.  Write it down. 

Or you might start to notice that your child knows more big letters (ABCD) than little letters (abcd) you are not only gathering insight but you are on your way to figuring out where your child needs your support (and support from others)  

Your child may be able to print all the letters that are in front of them but not able to recall them without a picture in front of them.  Write it down. 

These are very important pieces of information that you can share with others so they can help you better AND it helps you and your child gain insights (the powerful stuff) 

(If you want the additional pages to write down what you observe for letters and printing you can get that in my free resource page

If you want someone to help you gain insights into what you are seeing and steps to put strategies in place for your child, you need to sign up for my upcoming My Learn Their Way Program

The program will help guide and support you and offer more in depth strategies to help you make the progress you want to see.