Why leaving your child's learning up to someone else is risky business

Why learning your child's learning up to someone else is Risky business

You know the feeling when you get an email from someone that shocks you.  

You wonder how could this happen?  What were they thinking?  Why didn't they tell me? 

You get the picture.  YOU are taken by surprise.  It happens.  

But what if the surprise had to do with your child's learning?  

Let's say the message was one of the following...

A teacher saying your child is fine and they don't need accommodations (strategies to help them learn) or the opposite, your child needs support and they will be moved to another classroom away from their peers. 

An assessment is completed by a tutor and your child is two grade levels below their peers with reading and writing.  

An OT states they are focusing on printing skills in grade 7 when your child has to complete full writing assignments in class. 

What do you do with this information?  

Do you take the assessments and suggestions and hope that others are making the best call?  

Do you get fired up and start sending letters to school staff about not offering resource support? 

OR....Do you decide to figure out where your child is at and what they need  -- so you can use the assessments to help your child move forward or question the results of others based on your observations and what you know?  

Yes, you can do this.  

You know your child.  

And in fact, you know them very well and you are the most consistent person in their life!

So when you leave your child's learning in the hands of others without knowing what your child really needs to help them learn...it leaves you and your child in the hands of others.

And when this happens, you step out of the position of empowering your child and helping them see their learning abilities.  Yes, you can help them see their learning abilities.  

When you know what your child needs and where they are at in terms of their learning, you can offer insights into assessment findings and recommendations that are may be right on target or really off course. 

But here's the thing...you might need to  learn a new skill as a parent.  You might have to stop and learn what it is your child needs.   But you know what -- it will pay off -- and it will pay off big. 

You don't have to figure everything out yourself but you do need to start learning! 

So where do you start? 

You get the support you need by investing in one of the Strategy Sessions available.  The Strategy Sessions will allow you to get the support you need - so you can see what your child needs!

Start empowering you and your child!  Don't leave learning up to others...without you having insights into what they are working on. Stop the risky business and start planning!

You can do this.