Let's get kids...writing!

Is there a program or app that can help kids move from letters to words to writing sentences BEFORE you consider word prediction?  YES!  

When it comes to writing, the exciting thing about Clicker software or apps is how it gives a child th freedom to write by clicking on whole words--no need to type each letter separately--just click on whole words!

For a child who is struggling with figuring out the sounds in a word to write, Clicker programs can be a life-changing tool. 

But in order to tap into Clicker's potential with a child, you must develop a plan for success.  It is simply not enough to sit them down in front of a screen and have them, 'think of a sentence to write".  So many things could go wrong with this approach:  it can be hard to think of a sentence...they may come up with a sentence with words that are not in the word bank...they may come up with a sentence, but they may mix up the order of the words or forget what they wanted to write halfway through the process.

Level Two of my Click to School Success outlines my system for planning for success with basic writing using Clicker programs.

I demonstrate how to prepare word banks ahead of time so that a child will successfully find the word they need for their writing.  I share my hands-on system for creating 'forced sentences' based on sight words a child knows or almost knows.  This system helps them to move from left to right with their words while giving them a visual 'tool' to help them remember the sentence they wanted to create!  This helps them successfully use Clicker for writing. 

PLUS, since the child may not have Clicker at home, I show my way of helping kids take the words they are learning, from the Clicker word bank, and review them at home. 

Lots of fun, multi-sensory, hand-on learning!

P.S. Click to School Success is now open to REGISTER!! WOOT WOOT!! (now part of the iPads at School Levelled Program



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