You are the reason I'm here!

To all the Moms out there: YOU are the reason I'm here! 

You are the reason I started Technology & Tools for kids.  I wanted to support Moms.  I want you to see all your child's abilities!

When I stepped out, I started with the usual assessments that I completed in my past school OT job because I was used to this. But as I worked with Moms I found out that:

  • They needed direction not percentages.  
  • They needed a 'focus' of what were the most outstanding concerns -- to help them step out of 'overwhelm' and into action!
  • They needed to understand what all the professional terms meant and what they could do next to help their child make gains.  

From there, I create the Strategy Sessions.  

Where YOU can get the GUIDANCE you need to help support your child's learning needs or skills (and the other concerns that can surround this) 

You are left figuring out what to do.  You are left with too many options and not enough direction.  You are overwhelmed with all the professional jargon and you just want to help your child make gains in their abilities so they can GET WHAT THEY NEED TO GET DONE!

So, if you are ready to cut through the documents and get really clear on what your child needs to make progress with their learning and school needs -- then it's time to contact me! Yup, we can chat for 15 minutes to see if I'm a good fit.  Don't wait.