Older kids need support too

older kids need support too!

Your child is heading to high school or maybe even university.  

You know they need support with their school work ...but it's a different type of support.

Your child may need some strategies that allow them to organize their schedules, read books at a quicker rate, and write with a minimal amount of errors (I only say this as my writing tends to have a few errors in it as well. We are all human.)

Your child may need to figure out how they learn even though they have managed to get through elementary and high school, they still need to understand their way of learning so they can move forward with confidence. 

You can label these skills as executive functioning, advanced writing or reading comprehensions skills ...they are a lot of labels out there but the real fact is your child has some skills that need support and strategies put in place so they can get their tasks done, whether that's school, work or life.

I have worked with a number of older students and these are some things they needed support with and your child might too:

5 ways older students may need support and strategies for school:

1. Communicating with teachers about their accommodations - how and when to do this.

2. Figuring out how to learning in a way that fits them and their needs (all needs...including social needs) 

3. Figure out what to focus on when it comes to excelling at school? (also known as their strengths)  And what does that mean for their course load and the courses they select? 

4. Knowing they (your child) are not alone when it comes to their learning.  Find someone your child can talk to or listen to their story so they feel they have the abilities to succeed in school. 

5. Managing their time and recalling what they need to work on and hand in (ummm ...we all need this to some extent as well!) 

So if you think your child is too old for support or strategies -- they are not!! As I mentioned above some the these skills, we can all work on the only difference is they need these skills now so they can select the right path for their future...which so very important! 

You got this!



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