(OT) What do you do when YOU need support?

OTs: what do you do when YOU need support?

I gotta know!  

What do you do when you need help or support to figure out technology for your clients?


Do you ask questions? 

Do you google to get some facts/strategies? 

Do you download a random app list?  

Do you ask to watch others? 

You can put a WHOLE lot of effort into figuring out what to do, but if you don’t feel confident in using technology, the results will be limited. 

You might be wondering how to move a client from one skill to another using technology.  

Or, how and when to transfer skills away from technology. 

If you are using all your time to look for answers, you might be using up your precious time! 

I want YOU to be a confident OT. 

I want YOU to know exactly why you are using technology and how to use it. 

And I want YOU to be able to create your app list and customize apps for the client you have in front of you right now. 

So here’s what you can do now: 

1. I want you to think about a skill you love to assess.  (sensory, fine motor, visual perceptual, etc.) 
2. I want you to now look for all the technology that supports this one skill area.  (only this one area -- nothing more) 
3. I want you to think of a client that you already have on your caseload that needs support in this area (so you already know what skills they need to develop) 

4. I want you to try the app or technology with them (maybe it’s an app and the iPad or software and a laptop, etc.) 
Finally, consider if you are working either directly or indirectly with them as you use technology. 

5. Now I want you to observe -- what worked and what did not? When you do this, you will learn what skills the app will work on and what it doesn’t which is excellent for your client!  Now you have an idea of what will work for others with similar needs. 

6. Go through this cycle again and keep track of the apps and what they work on.  

You are now stepping into the world of technology and skill development!! Woo Hooo! 

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to give you LOTs of strategies to use technology powerfully. 

Keep going and let me know how you make out in your technology adventures!!  

You got this!


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