Stop waiting for Occupational Therapy Support

Stop waiting for support

Your child's on a very LONG waiting list for OT services or maybe no list at all. Now what? 

You know your child needs help and an Occupational Therapist was recommended but there's a 2 or 4-year waiting list.  That's a VERY long time to wait. 

Or you might not even have your child on a waiting list because they are "doing ok." but you know differently.

So what can you do?  

1.  You can decide to reach out and find out what options you have for support. Just do it!  You can start with me. Reach out and I will review what I can offer you. It's a good start.  

2. You can make a decision to support your child now.  If you find a professional that fits what your child needs.  You can make a decision to move forward. Ask if there are payment plans that fit your budget. 

3. You can get the support you need without waiting. Knowing that there are supports available without the long wait is good to know :) 

But we might be used to waiting (even though this frustrates us).  

And we might even be used to not paying for supports that are best for our child. We are used to paying for a phone, a mortgage, car expenses but not always other new expenses that will have life-changing experience (which means that they will cost up front but will have lasting effects.  I had to acknowledge this barrier myself. 

And I want you to know that even if you wait, you might NOT get the support you want because the therapist you get depends on who works in your area and what experience and knowledge they have.  They might be an incredible support in one area but not in the area your child needs support with. I don't say this to be negative but to let you know that waiting maybe not be a good option for a few reasons.
So do you wait?? (you decide)

Let review a simple case study to see what one Mom decided to do: 

A mom knows her child needs support but an Occupational Therapist can't be referred until they have a diagnosis.  

She finds the right OT fit after reading an article about an OT.  

She reaches out to find out what supports can be offered (and if this fits what her and her child needs). They decide the fit is right and work together for 3 sessions over 4 months.  There is  progress made not only at home but in the school setting as well due to the strategies and plans but in place.  Strategies were set up for the summer months. And a plan for ongoing support for the next school year.  4-5 sessions for the next year.  

Here's a child that was not referred to OT but still received OT support.  

So whether you have your child on a waiting list or they don't qualify for OT support -- you don't have to wait.  You can get started now and see the progress you and your child need to see.  

Does this mean you need to take your child off the waiting list? NO, of course not!  Stay on the waiting list but until then get some strategies and plans in place for when the OT arrives (and with the gains your child has made and the insight you have, you will be able to work with the OT to look at very specific areas for support).  It truly is a win-win set up. 

P.S. just in case you were wondering you can do this to with my strategy sessions. Don't wait.  Make a decision to get the support you and your child need now.