Strategy Sessions: What are Moms saying?

Strategy Sessions: What are people saying?

Feedback is so important.  I ask for it after I work with a client to find out what is working and what is not. You can read some of the comments listed below.  

Each of my Strategy Sessions are different as it depends on what the client needs and what level of support they are looking for.  It can be a one time session or multiply sessions.  

Strategy Sessions with Follow up Sessions

"My son was having difficulties getting thoughts from his head to paper. He was feeling discouraged when he was unable to work as quickly as classmates.

We were stressed over simple homework assignments. They were taking a long time and my son was frustrated.

The biggest takeaways from the Strategy Sessions was having the technology to make things easier for my son so he could write and edit his work. My son feels more confident and doesn’t feel bogged down by homework anymore. 

My son knows now that everyone learns differently and that’s okay. He knows now how to express himself better in what helps him make sense of things."

VIP Strategy Sessions

I was having a difficult time managing my time with my daughter, I was unsure if I should be working on was all very new and overwhelming

The biggest VIP take away was having a schedule written up for our day and I felt I had a better grasp on making the most of my daughter’s day. I also felt like I was encouraged to just play and be her mom and everything didn’t need to be planned and structured

The Strategy Sessions helped us at a time where we were very overwhelmed and at a stand still.

After the Strategy Sessions, I felt much more confident and organized. I felt like she made gains quicker, and I spent less time figuring out what to do with our time and referred to the schedule and suggestions from Susan.

VIP Strategy Sessions

My son benefitted from the apps/programs allowing him to type his answers on the computer, organize his materials and the use of the pdf transfer sheets allowing him to answer questions on his computer reducing the dysgraphia challenge. He is learning to break down his work into more digestible pieces and encouraged to keep working and not give up. My son’s frustration is reduced by the reduction in the distractions during his learning time, his ability to meet his sensory needs when he needs it and then be able to continue with a minimum of interruption. 

The awesome by-product of all of this is that he can focus more on his school work and has freed him up to feel more willing to socialize knowing his learning challenges have been addressed.

My son and I felt encouraged and validated. Your clarification of his challenges, your confirmation of the strategies that had already been implemented and your further provision of strategies has increased his self-esteem and has encouraged him to apply himself with a more positive attitude.

My son was encouraged by the success he experienced and the respect he received from you working with him. He is now gradually building his self-esteem, recognizing that he is not inadequate but that his difficulties are a result of a specific learning needs. 
My son now uses technology to answer questions without having to be overwhelmed by the grammar piece. He can focus on his ideas and then return to his work to correct spelling errors with word search and then separately focus on grammar and sentence structure.

Parent Workshop

I learned more from you (Susan) in 1 hour than I have from others over the years.