The Power of Priorities and a Plan

the power of priorities and a plan

We all do this.  We try to figure things out on our own.

We think "We've got this!"  

And for most things... we do!  

But when it's about navigating around an issue that can have a big impact on so many areas of your life (and your child's life)...

it might not be the best idea to 'figure it out" on your own! 

I've had to reach out a few times to various professionals this year (and part of last year) for guidance to help me put some pieces together to support my child's health issues.  

I could have read books, listened to podcasts, but I needed to focus on helping my child with a clear plan 

-- and to do this --  

I needed someone with the skills to give me the steps I needed to take.  

I needed to know what the priorities were and what I could do about them.  

From there I could move forward more confidently to make the changes that would have an impact on her health. 

I could also use the knowledge I now had to start looking for other resources.

A clear plan Understanding. Support.  Priceless.

Did it cost me money?


Did it move us forward?


Will it have an impact on what we do as a family in the future?


Was it a good investment for my child (and our family)?

Yes. Yes. Yes. 

 When I stop and look back and reflect on the support I received and the gains we have made.  I wonder where we would be right now without it.  And even though there were times when the gains seemed minimal they were still gains and they all added up to where we wanted to be -- a healthy happy kid. 

I believe when you wait and try to figure it all out by asking others (who may not have the training to really support you) you can get confused, overwhelmed and feel like you are STUCK. (I've been there)

So what I found out was "Figuring it out on your own" can mean: 

>>> waiting

>>> frustration

>>> lack of focus

>>> trying everything under the sun (exhausting) 

>>> focusing on the wrong thing (and getting no results or minimal) 

And this is what I find with the Moms (parents) I work with.  

I take my years of experiences as an OT/Mom and help parents get clear on a plan that can work for the priorities we identify.... and how that can fit into their home life and the school setting as well.   

With their list of priorities and a plan to follow ...they are clear on what to focus on and how to support their child at home.

The results are progress and the ability to move forward and find more resources to support their child!

Which is awesome!!!!! (I get really excited when I hear this) 

So the power of priorities and a plan is:

>>> understanding

>>> clarity

>>> action steps

>>> focus

>>> working with others

>>> progress

So if you are done trying to figure out how to support your child's learning or other skills at home (and at school) you need a plan and someone to support you.  

Take a minute to look at the Summer Strategy Sessions (which is just designed for summer) or the Strategy Sessions that fit you.  

Let's work together and get clear on your next steps



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