The Power of Strategies

the power of strategies

Strategy: an approach.  

It's as important as the tool in your hand.

 Yes, you need the tools or the technology but if you don't have the right strategy it can just be a really 'neat' device or app -- but the results are minimal. 

That's why I have strategy sessions and not TECHNOLOGY SESSIONS.  Because the Strategy is what is needed to make the progress!

So when you think about getting support to help your child or client = think about what you are really looking for STRATEGIES. 


Is about offering ways for your child to get their school work done -- with and without your support.

Is about figuring out what to focus on first -- to help your child make the best gains possible.

Is about allowing your child to use their strengths to help them learn and show others what they know (because you know your child is smart they just need something more!)

So if you feel having an app list is all you need -- most of the time it's not (sorry).

You might have the right device which is wonderful too ....but you need to know how to set it up and what to use and when.

So I'm gonna say it again...strategies are powerful.  Then add the strategies with a clear plan and support and you've got progress! 

You can wait. Figure it out on your own. Wait for others to support your child.  OR you can get a plan with strategies that you can use at HOME and SCHOOL.  

Set up a time for your Summer Strategy Sessions -- we will work through the concerns, get focused, find the right devices/tools and put strategies in place -- while still have time to have fun during the summer months. 


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