Working on scissor skills on an iPad?? Realllllyyyyy

Working on scissor skills on an iPad?? REALLY?

I still remember wondering if I could address some hand and wrist skills to help my young client use scissor using the iPad and an app. 

He didn't like cutting with scissors at the best of times and I could see why.  He needed to work on a few skills before he could really use scissors in a successful way. 

Not only did we need to develop his hand skills, we needed to gain some attention to the task.  He just wasn't interested!  I didn't blame him. These tasks should be fun when you're only 4 years old. 

So I looked for an app that would offer a bit of fun to this scissor stuff and used an iPad case to angle the iPad just right for his wrist to be slightly extended while working on opening and closing his thumb and index/middle finger. 

Can you picture it? 

Next, I asked him to hold a small item with his ring and middle finger while he played his game.  The results: 

We worked on wrist extension, motoric separation of the hand (needed to use scissors and form a pencil grasp) and the open and closing action of the scissors without having them in his hand. We also worked on his ability to attend and use his dominant hand for the game while his non-dominant hand was used for holding the iPad case.  

Pretty cool, right?!?

He loved the app and played it with his older brother - now there's a therapy session without any cost and a whole lot of fun! 

So if you think an iPad is only good for one or two skills - think outside the box and you will be amazed how it can support your clients or child. 

There are more tips and tricks inside the iPads at School Program -- if you're ready to learn more.  Are you ready?  Take a look here.