3 Reasons why technology seems to fail when it comes to your child's learning


Technology is very cool.  I'm the first one to say this but it is just a tool.  It's really about the strategy and the 'fit' that matters. 

Let me explain.

Let's say your child is using an app to help them recall words - as they are struggling to recall words when they are reading.

Your child goes through the app and appears to be learning the words within this program. You are excited but as soon as you pull out their book to read the word they have been working on for weeks, the word is now a mystery to them.

You wonder why and you start to think that technology and apps really don't help at all. So you then decide to return to the traditional ways of doing things.

I get this.

But here's 3 reasons why technology may seem to fail when it comes to helping your child learn. 

1. There is no clear plan when your child is working with an app.

Yes,  you know you want your child to learn words -- but WHAT words? The app may be working on random words and these words may or may not be used in their books or be needed for their writing, etc But the fact is, there are too many words they are working on! Kids need to feel success so baby steps are needed especially when kids are first starting to learn words.

2. Your child may be using their strengths to help them learn the words on the app but when they move away from the program they don't have the strategies to help them read the word correctly.

Your child may have the ability to recall a sequence either visually or by sound. They may remember what words show up and in what sequence which allows them to read the word correctly but when the word is offered to them out of sequence -- they can't recall what the word is. This is your child using their strength so don't consider this wrong.  It's something for you to be aware of and even use in the future to help them to learn quicker.

3. Your child may be playing more than learning.

It's reallllly important to watch what your child is doing when they are working on the app. If they are randomly selecting words without really focusing on what they are doing -- they are really just 'playing' with the app to see what it will do. They may get some words correct so you might think they know it. Or...they may just like the sound the app makes when they get the wrong answer! (yup this happens!) and they may actually know the word. So relying on the app to tell you what your child knows or doesn't know --  is not the best option all the time.

So this is what I want you to do now when you ask your child to learn 'something' on an app or program:

Action step: I want you to observe what they are doing and what helps them get the correct answer or complete what they are doing.  

You can do this!


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