How do you find the BEST App?

I know that looking for apps can be a bit overwhelming at times.  As there are so many apps out there in the app world but there is a way to make this process easier and when you find the BEST app ever... it leaves you so excited! 

There are good apps and then there are GREAT apps!  And honestly when you find a GREAT app they tend to stay on your favorite app list for a very long time.  

So what can you do to help you find the apps you need? 

1. Be specific.  Who is the app for? A client. Your child.  And what skill needs to be supported or developed? For example, you might say the app is for a client (child in grade 1) and they need support with learning and forming letters.  

2. List the words that you might use to find an app.  For example, you might list words such as learning letter names, learning letter sounds, learning big or uppercase letters, learning how to form letters etc. 

3. Go to Google or Yahoo and type in the list of words to start a search and add-in the word 'app' to this search. 

4. Apps will come up that support this skill.  You can either go directly to iTunes to locate the app or you may want to find a review of the app that will tell you more before heading into the iTunes store.  

These are just a few steps to get you started in your search for an app that will help kids develop the skills they need.  I dive into a number of steps to locate apps and what makes an app great in the iPads at School Course.  Join me this fall for the last course of 2015!